Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday is my day: Be happy now

La la la laaaaa. Today we will meet sweet Jenny aka behappynow from Jerusalem, Israel. And how can you not be happy now when you look at her so happy and cute and fun works!
Go and be happy now!

(click any picture to go to the shop)

I wake up with my boyfriend and my cat (Bluesky) at 7:30
then I make some make up......... (woman stuff)
I drive to my work, usually I have some traffic jam so it is a great time to make 2 braids :)
8:30 finally I reach my job!
but before I get in I give some food to the cat that lives there (he looks like my cat....)
12:30 lunch time :) I have my lunch with girls I work, usually we eat on the veranda it is really astonishing.
this is what you will see if you will take a look down from veranda (bicycle shop)
13:00 me and my computer really need to have some sleep after lunch.....
17:00 I am taking my boyfriend from his job (we have one car)
Tasaa keskelle(about 17:20) today I had to visit my bank :o
18:20 I am so tired , so my boyfriend makes a dinner for us :)
(usually I make a dinner by myself )
some happy art time , la la la, before going to bed......

Be happy all weekend :)


  1. What a wonderful friday again! Thank you so very much :0D

  2. This was so delightful to read! I love the blue cat!!!
    ~Emily xxx
    PS, happy weekend to you!

  3. Lalalala what a great friday post! So nice to meet the creator of so much creative stuff! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Beuatiful blogpost and always so very nice to read about and look at the pictures of others life :-) I will look closer at that shop!

  5. Aren't cooking men sexy? I think so :)

    Great to learn more about Jennys day!

  6. wow i love be happy now !!!

    especially when she is a sleep in the office !!!!
    and what a brilliant drawing style !!!


    Heli i so look forward to friday is my day every week ... its wonderful!!!!

  7. Great story, thanks for sharing your busy day with us Jenny!

    Isn't it wonderful to have a skillful boyfriend? Lucky girl:)


  8. indeed a happy day, great to meet the artst from behappynow!

  9. Yay, it is Friday and Heli is making another great post! I'm happy now :)

  10. great read, and I love those happy cats !

  11. Lovely read once again! Thanks Heli and Jenny, I do feel happy now :)

  12. very nice to read :D
    i love the blue cat too!!!

    happy friday!

  13. I love Jenny, her art is so happy and she is a such lovely lady. Yay for Jenny!!

  14. Love BEHAPPYNOW so much!!!
    Great article!!!!

  15. be happy.. what a great post, love the photos. thank you jenny and heli.

  16. another one of my flickr friends whose work is adorable! nice to discover your blog too :)

  17. lovely friday edition again! i love reading thse so much!!!