Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friday is my day: Anna Ruby King

Tooot toooot! Let's go to Greece and meet Anna. Or Lila...Which one was it..?Anyways, she has two shops on etsy annarubyking with sweet cards and paper goods and lilarubyking with cute and whimsical jewellery. I really recommend to take a peek on both of them!

(Click any picture to go to shops)


I start my day with a glass of water and turn on the computer. It’s sunny, so I put on a load of washing. I turn on CNN and visit my Etsy shop. For the next half hour or so I answer convos, check my emails, chat with some friends at the European Street Team, read some other sites and blogs (most importantly: the Rainforest Site –must go everyday!


Getting a bit hungry, so time for my breakfast/brunch smoothie. Do you want the recipe? One banana, plus about a handful of frozen blueberries, a couple of big spoonfuls of yoghurt, some milk and some honey. Then blend it all together till it’s a pretty purple colour. Delicious! I have this every day!After this, I hang out my washing, get changed and do I little tidying.

While it’s early and the sun is still good I photograph some of the items I finished making yesterday, some earrings and some bird pins. This time of year the best place for this is on my bed.


I start setting up in my studio for the days work, coat some mandrels and tidy up from previous days work.My mum calls from Australia to tell me about a two faced kitten that was born in my home town. I miss all the good stuff since I left Australia!


I edit the photos that I took earlier and list them in my Etsy shops.
I also notice that the treasury will be opening up shortly, so I fill up my poster sketch and watch the countdown with a bowl of cereal. I never really know what to have for lunch, so I just tend to graze during the day. Lately I’ve been grazing on cereal.

While I’m waiting I pack up an order – some of my little sparrow pins are off to America- how exciting!


My treasury is caught and filled, so back to the studio.

Yesterday I constructed 5 pairs of my line studs, so today I need to finish them off. They all need to have their edges nicely neatened and then I paint on the chemical that blackens the little embossed lines. They need to sit like this to get nice and black for a little while, then the residue gets washed off, and I sand back the silver to create a nice surface. Yay, finished and packed away.


Some more cereal to keep me going, now I’m going to have a bit of a break and cut out some of my birds while watching an episode of Survivor. I love it, I don’t care what you think.

A few hours of bird cutting later, I lay them all out on my cutting board to get ready to make some more Birds in Lines artworks, some ACEOs and one or two full sized pieces. I always try and make a few of something at a time, it saves on time and also because I am short on space it saves me setting up and packing up so often!


I bring in my washing and start cooking dinner. Tonight I’m making spaghetti with a tomato sauce. This is one of my favorite meals, and it’s super quick and easy to cook so I end up making it at least once a week (I could really eat pasta every day! I love it!)


Husband is finally home from work, we eat dinner and watch some tv, chat about some random stuff like Citibank maybe being sold, two faced kittens…

I have a shower and tidy up some of my mess (I am responsible for about 80% of the mess in our house.)

A bit later I spread my supplies out further across the kitchen table, glue some pins to the backs of some sparrows so they can set overnight, and get back to making some more stuff with my fabric birds.
One last check of my Etsy shops, a little bit more chatting at the EST, answer any new emails and messages. The computer gets turned off, and I head to bed to read until about 1:30, lights out!

Have a great weekend all!
And remember to buy handmade gifts this year...


  1. Wow, your day is packed with creativity! Loved seeing the birds all lined up, Anna! Thanks for sharing your great day! :)

  2. Tha smoothie sounds yyuuuummmmmm! And to live in a place where the washing dries super quick--lucky girl :)

  3. What a great day, so funny to see those lots of cutted birds, what a work!
    and Smoothie with frozen berries is my fav too!!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the peek into your life Anna!

  5. Such a delightfully creative day! Shouldn't they all be that way? :) Thank you so much for giving us a peek into your life!

  6. What a great creative day Anna!
    I must admit that I'm a bit envious :)

  7. Great creative day, so nice to see your day :)

  8. I wish I could read a "my day" ever day! :) So nice to spend a day with Anna!

  9. Love your "Friday is my day", Heli! So much fun to read :) and Thanks Anna, for sharing with us your day!

  10. Like all the birds lying in rows !!

  11. wow i love the line up of tiny tiny birds cut out !!! and have saved the rainforest !!!

    i love this spyhole into other peoples lives, thank you Anna and Heli!!!!!

  12. hohoho Anna!!!!
    You are a very organised person! Nice to read your day today:)

    and well done again heli!:)

  13. So nice to read about your day Anna!

  14. awww what a many many many little birdies!!!!
    Nice day Anna!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. That's a wonderful day Anna!! Sounds very creative :) Congrats to you and to Heli for such a wonderful read! mmmm, yummy food ..

  16. Thank you for sharing us your a day Anna! When I was reading, I enjoyed very much ! Your jewelry bench and studio looks like mine:) Yours very tidy :)

  17. Mmhhhh... love to read this! You are such a busy girl, Anna. I can taste the smoothie in my mouth already - yummy!! I'd love to have so much space in my "studio". Oh, and the two faced kitten - are they really real?? Thanks for sharing, Anna & Heli!!

  18. it was great to read about you :) I love these little birds, so cute!

  19. oooh! i just hearted both shops :D
    how wonderful!!!
    thanks for sharing this anna and heli!