Thursday, September 4, 2008

Friday is my day: LaPomme

This week we will take a peek to LaPomme's day in France. She makes the most cutest and adorable plushes and toys for big and small. And she tells the most loveliest stories of all! If you need some beautiful or fun toys, this is your address LaPomme .
If you are in a need of a dream this is your place LaPomme stories

My day begins at six a.m., when my cat starts prowling around my bed and butting her head against my nose so that I let her out and she can begin her rounds, terrorizing all the poor birds, mice, and moles in the area.

That done, I fall back in bed and immediately go back to zzzzzzzzleep.

At nine, I finally really wake up and the first thing on my mind is coffee. I always have to have breakfast. Along with two mugs of very strong brew, I serve myself either a bowl of cereal or a slice of quatre quarts.

Mornings are usually reserved for sending off e-mails. At the moment, I should be busy sending VERY IMPORTANT documents to my publisher. But I’m only human. I can never resist taking a peek at Etsy.

Three days out of the week, I reserve for writing.

The other three days (I get Sundays off—whee !), I can craft to my heart’s content. This is supposed to be a crafting day, but I am feeling lazy.

I have to make more plush flowers, but instead I start rooting around a box of lace, just staring at the patterns. (Notice the cellphone in the photo. I have no landline in my workroom so I can have absolute peace and quiet, but my husband insists I have a cellphone with me all the time. Just in case, he says. I keep the cellphone close, but actually resent the gadget which has a habit of ringing at the most inopportune moments!)

I finally actually do something, begin experimenting making a little cat brooch.

But then I find myself outside examining the fig tree and wondering if this year I should make some jam.

Indoors again, I ruin the cat, put a hole on its back. So I begin making a rabbit.

An hour later, the rabbit is still not finished.
Instead I find myself somewhere in Alagaesia, reading Eldest,
book number two of Christopher Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle.
It’s for kids, but in my head I’m still sometimes only 14 years old.

Sometime in the early evening, the rabbit is done!
In the course of an entire afternoon, I had finished just one teeny-tiny plushie…

Thinking of dinner, I look at my beautiful basket of fresh veggies just bought
from our weekly village market, but I decide to continue the lazy theme of the day,
not cook, and instead buy a takeout pizza.

Tomorrow, I swear, I’ll take a big dose of vitamin C.

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