Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday is my day: Susarto

Meet Susan, the weirdo maker and an oil painter from Pennsylvania. She has been a professional artist for several years and have exhibit in local galleries. She is married to an Irish man and have totally fell in love with Ireland and people there. And her wish is to move there someday.

I found Susan from Myspace. How she wrote about her daily manners (coffee drinking&morning ciggy) made me add her to my "friends". And since that we have been 'manner friends'. She quit smoking in the beginning of the year and I did that too in February...'cause we are manner friends :)
Go visit her cute Etsy shop

for heli.

my friend.

my name is susan and I have an etsy shop called susarto :D

I am supposed to be telling you what I do on a normal day…
but see…
I almost NEVER have a normal day.

I have some sort of weird problem where I cannot live by a schedule..
But I will try to give some sort of idea…
It isn’t easy, but I want to wake up around 9 or
That is because I have a 12 year old
son who gets up REALLY early
and I feel bad for him that he’s been sitting around so long
waiting for someone to talk to…otherwise, I could sleep till

(I can’t wait till school starts ;) )

I HAVE to have coffee.

There is no question about that.

and I almost never eat breakfast.

While I drink my coffee, I catch up with my emails and my convos
and all my shenanigans on various sites…I can’t help it….
it’s my only means of talking to other humans…

Then about an hour later (sometimes more!)
I decide I really need to get to work! haha!!!

I would like to be painting pictures
(because that is my favourite thing to do),
but I have been sort of busy sewing weirdos
for a big craft fair I will be going to soon
with the etsy plush team ( in Chicago
called Renegade (

I’m actually going to go to Chicago for the first time ever and I am so excited!!!

Here are the weirdos I’ve just finished…

We are stall #70 if you are in Chicago September 13th &14th!

Some days I would just cut patterns out.

Or just hand-sew faces.
Sometimes just the sewing machine gets used.
Other days when I’m back to normal,
I’ll paint or make magnets or try
and make prints that look nice :D

It isn’t easy to get much work done in the summertime
when the boy is home from school.
He always wants me to stop working and feed him lunch or something!
Can you imagine that???!!!

I also have a husband who likes to have dinner cooked for him
or laundry done :P

but sometimes we get to get take-out…like tonight :D


Good luck to your craft show, Sus!

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