Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday is my day:Yoola

Today we will travel to Israel and meet Yoola. She is a professional industrial designer who in her spare time creates beautiful jewelry and crochet and knitting art from wire. Please do visit her etsy shop and/or DaWanda shop

Morning -woke up a bit late today...7.30 the kids didn't want to wake us up we were sleeping too well.
Coffee on my favorite coach.

8:30 off with my hubby to our design firm (2min ride)
all morning I worked on a nice medical project(confidential so I can't tell...)

13:30 back home to fix lunch for the kids
14:30 back to office-
In the afternoon I build a 3d for a new ball shaped clock (can't tell more about this as well, sorry...)
In between, since all my work is done on the computer I snag a look at what's going on in etsy....But don't tell anyone

17:30 we go back home
General check out -where is every one, has all the pets been fed (we have rabbits, canaries and a dog)
Then I start preparing tomorrow lunch (try and keep it balanced)

yayy, I have a free hour so I continue my work on a new crocheted lamp shade (yes-out of metal wire)

19:30 Light dinner for everyone (we are four)
20:00 Today I have parents meeting at my kids school, these meetings are usually quite a waste of time, but my kids won't forgive me if I skip it. SO- I am a good mom (I hope)

21:00 Back from school -relax for an hour in front of teli -nice programmed for a change about an interesting poet, reminds me that a lot of time has past since I learned something unpractical.

22:00 Off to bed -I catch several pages of the book I'm reading (The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov

Have a great weekend all :)

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