Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday is my day: Karlita

Today we will meet sweet Karlita from Belgium. She makes beautiful and popular felt scarves and jewelry and she can use other materials as well, check this lovelyporcelain ring and this enamel ring.

One day of her life:

6 am

I wake up, a little early since my alarm does not go off until 6.30 am. It turns out Hubby is awake too so we lay in bed chatting a bit – getting up before the alarm at 6.16 am!

6.20 am

I cannot resist going downstairs and sneaking a peek at the computer to check etsy – and behold, it turns out I was on the FP late last night and got two sales from it. I go upstairs again with a big smile on my face!

6.45 am

After a long hot bath (I love taking showers and baths), it’s time for some same old boring breakfast (but in a nice dish): muesli with vanilla yoghurt. And of course, spend some time behind the computer, answering mails, saying goodmorning to my europeanstreetteamfriends + pack my two sales


Leave for work, which is a 15 minute drive. I work parttime since may of this year (3 days one week and 2 days the other) – today is a workday but I’m taking half a day off.

7.40 – 12.00

At work, just catching up a bit – nothing exciting today.


On the way to my mom, I stop at the PO to mail my orders out. I try to visit my mom everyday – I’m an only child and my dad died long time ago – so spending time with my mom is important to me.


I get myself a liter of tomatosoup at Supba, a nice little soupbar in town – that will be my lunch. When I get home, first thing I do is ... check the computer.


I made some Hill Tribe silver necklaces yesterday for my Belgian site and they still need photographing. The light is good, so here we go ...

I’m to impatient to take my time for it, so they will have to do.

14.15- 18.30

Finally I can go upstairs to my little atelier and felt some more! I’m making short little chokerscarfs for my dutch site. I also continu my experiment with wrapping a necklace in felt – don’t know if it will work.


Hubby Marc comes home from work and we grab a quick bite.

When I'm going through my supplies, especially my wool - i love to smell it - it is such a comfortable feeling and it smells very familiar by now.


Marc and I are active in a small social organisation that allows children from a poor neighboorhood in Jaipur, India to go to school. I’m the volunteer coordinator and tonight we see two potentials volunteers that want to help in the project beginning next year.


Volunteers are gone, so first thing I do is check Etsy – yes, my name is Karlita and I’m a etsy-holic!

I started a Textile Arts training last week and I want to prepare some more for the class this week. We started with learning the Shibori-technique. I’m very excited and already thinking up a scarf collection for next summer. While working some, I watch an episode of Project Runway.


I go to bed

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