Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday is my day: Idestudiet

Ηello all! Today we travel to beautiful Denmark to meet Pia from Idestudiet! Enjoy the ride :)

6:00 am
Good morning! My name is Pia. I am a wire art artist and my studio is called Idestudiet. I live with my husband, our two boys and our dog in a small coastal town on the beautiful west cost of Denmark. Nature is wild and rough here - not to mention gorgeous! I am so happy to invite you to follow my day. It's 6 am and I just get up – a bit late for me. I love getting up at around 5:30 am or so. The house is so nice and quiet  – a great time to brainstorm and work on new ideas. The very first thing I do every morning – this morning was no exception – is to make coffee. I admit it. I am a coffee addict! I LOVE that first cup of coffee in the morning. One of the best times of the day – 75% of my designs are born before 11 am. Unfortunately – or maybe that’s actually good – my other half is the total opposite. He is a musician and he works best after 11 pm. Means more quiet time for me in the mornings!

6:15 am
I go to my studio to check ETSY, my website, my blog, my facebook page and of course my email to see if anything needs answer. {When did I become addicted to all of this??}
6:45 am
Time for my morning walk. I walk every morning for about half an hour with the oldest of my sons and our dog. I am so inspired by nature so our trips are a great source of inspiration – and a wonderful time to talk with my – way too fast – growing kid. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place – take a look.

7:25 am
We have breakfast and afterwards I go out in our backyard and pick some roses for my studio. I love roses and they seem to be pretty happy in my backyard this year so plenty to pick from.

8:45 am
We are all in vacation mode this week, so we have decided to take a trip to the beach to gather some driftwood for my sculptures. Well, my husband and I are looking for driftwood – the kids are more interested in playing in the weaves. But who can blame them?!

As you can see the summer here has been... well, not really that warm – and that’s putting it nicely!

12:30 pm
After lunch it’s time to visit my parents house and get some more wire for my sculptures. My parents have a farm and the majority of my wire comes from my dad’s meadow. Beautifully weathered as only Mother Nature can. I love the idea that my dad has used this wire and worked with it. And now it’s my turn to transform it into something lasting for someone to enjoy. Makes me feel very connected to my dad – and to nature.

We said hello to the cows when we were there. I often wonder – What goes through their heads? They always look like they are thinking; WHAT is she up to??  Ha… Maybe they are.

3:30 pm
We had some coffee and my mom's home baked cake and then my dad and my son practiced target shooting. My son won!

6:30 pm
Back home again. We decided to make it a pizza and salad night. After eating, the kids played for a while before we read stories.  Once they were in bed I started working on some sculptures. I have a big art show coming up and I also want to add more items to my etsy store. So although I LOVE having the kids at home it will be nice with some serious work time when they go back to school soon.

Looks kind of messy, I know. I am in the middle of several projects so cleaning will have to wait until they are done!

11:00 pm
What a gorgeous day it has been. Sunshine, blue water and clear skies. Oh, I love summer. Just wish we had had more of it this year!

Time for bed! Thanks for visiting my day. Hope yours were wonderful as well!

Blessings, Pia


Thank you Pia! As for all of you lovely readers, stay tunned for next week's guest!
Until then.... have a great weekend and be creative! :)

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