Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday is my day: Quiero

Ηello all!
Today we travel to The Netherlands to meet lovely Inèz from Quiero. Enjoy the ride :)

Good morning!
I am Inèz, owner of Quiero! I live together with my boyfriend in a little apartment in Rotterdam. These amazing pictures of us have been taken by Hanke Arkenbout, who also designed my logo.

I started Quiero! a while ago, after having worked for a couple of years in Human Resources. Quiero! is my jewelry label, and means 'I want' in Spanish. For me it means that I do what I want to do, and also that other people think 'Quiero!' by seeing my jewelry. Besides Quiero! I also work as a make-up artist.

Most weekdays I get up at 8:00, unless I've got an assignment that starts very early in the morning. Today I haven't so my alarm (iPhone 'duck') goes off at 8 in the morning.

I have breakfast with multi-fruit cruesli, some fruit & yoghurt and a glass of water, on the couch while watching the morning news. Today I also made a smoothie with banana, dates and orange juice... mmm!

I work a lot from home. This is my working room. I re-styled it a while ago.

First I made this moodboard, as you can see it's now hanging on the wall in my working room. Using the moodboard I chose the colors of the room. I painted the wall chocolate brown when my boyfriend was away for a couple of days ;)

Today I wanted to make something out of this pre-loved necklace that I got from my mother's friend.

I made a beautiful new necklace, a ring and a set of earrings out of the old necklace. I'm so happy with this result! :) 

About two weeks ago I had a market stall (together with Nicole from Studio BIG) at the 'Etsy Bazaar' at a big three-day festival in Holland; Lowlands Festival.

 I sold Quiero! jewelry and I gave people beautiful neon & glitter festival make-ups!

I planned to write a blogpost and a newsletter about it in the next week, but didn't manage to do it. I'm not so good with time-management ;) Today I really want to tick these things off my list, so I write a blogpost on and send out a newsletter to all my friends and customers, in which I put a link to the blog, so they can read the more extensive story about Lowlands if they like.

Having a quick lunch enjoying the sun on our little balcony.

I like to take photo's with a SLR-camera. I only have an analog one. At the moment I use Revolog-films, which have a special effect on them. Yesterday I picket up a CD with developed photo's (they put them from the negative straight onto a CD, very convenient). I really like this photo!

Last week I did the make-up for a fotoshoot with photographer Sylvana van der Pluijm and model Lisanne Sanders.

While checking Facebook, my Etsy-shop, my e-mails etc. Sylvana uploads this photo onto facebook. WOW! I think this photo is absolutely stunning. So very happy with this result :)

Sometimes I also make object other than jewelry under the label Quiero! Today I make this shell mobile. I have a big one on my balcony & love the sound of the shell ticking in the wind.

I quickly hop into The Hubshop, which is right around the corner from my house, to buy a present. Later this week I'll visit an ex-flatmate who just had a baby, Moos. The Hubshop sells beautiful products from many different entrepreneurs (they also sell Quiero! jewelry!) from around the world, it's a great place to buy presents, I always find something nice and original there.

I am totally in love with the cute baby-shirts they sell from Stitch Junkie. They've got them with ties sewed on them, but also with the famous Dutch rabbit Nijntje (Miffy), a star, a house or a car. The ones with the ties are my favorite! I was able to buy the last tie-shirt in stock for little Moos! Lucky me (and lucky Moos, haha)!

I go to Bikram Yoga for the second time. I went there for the first time last week, and the second time within the same week is for free (very cunning, haha). It's 1,5 hours yoga in a room that heated to 40 °C.  

Dinner time! We're real foodies & wine lovers. Because we're both hungry we start off with some nibbles (manchego cheese, date- and walnutbread, some typical Rotterdam sausage and balsamic glaze) and an insalata caprese. A good glass of wine with it... hmmmmm

And to stay in the Italian atmosphere we had a simple pasta with onion, bolognese sauce, grated parmezan and home-grown basil. 

During summertime there's always about two weeks 'Pleinbios' in Rotterdam, this is a big moviescreen outside in the park where they show movies in the evening when it gets dark. We saw 'Profession: Heartbreaker'. The movie was very nice & funny.

We come back from the movie quite late, so we go straight to bed!

Hope you all have a great day!

Thank you Inèz! As for you lovely readers, stay tunned for next week's guest!
Until then... have a great weekend and be creative!

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  1. What a busy day and you accomplished a lot. Happy to read about your Etsy Bazaar experience, too!