Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday is my day: TikTak Things

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Spain to meet Radka from "Tiktakthings"

 Hello there! My name is Radka. I´m from Slovakia but now I live in the sunny southern Spain where I create my handmade clocks under name TikTak Things. I invite you to spend one day with me. Let´s go! 

7:00 Good morning! The alarm of my cell phone is singing and it´s time to wake up and do some sports. I put my fitness outfit on and spend the next 30 minutes jumping in front of TV. Cardio, fitness workout with dumbbells or fitball pilates - that´s my morning menu. I love the feel of endorphins raising up to my head, it makes me feel good about myself and I start my day in a good mood. With this positive energy boost I almost forget that it´s so early in the morning (I loooove to sleep late when I can).

8:00 After a super fast shower I have a quick breakfast. In the summer I have usually my breakfast on the balcony watching people on the street hurrying up to work. The most important part of my morning meal is a coffee. I loooooove coffee. Black or latte, with no sugar, in a colorful mug. I´ll repeat my coffee ritual a couple of times throughout the day.

8:30 One last look at the clock on the wall and I´m off to my day job. 

Around 17:00 I leave the office, put my helmet on and ride home on my bike. I use it everyday, I can´t image going to work other way. Recently I put a big bag on the back of the bike so I can go shopping as well. It´s pretty cool! I call it dog´s ears bag as it reminds me of a Basset. Each pocket hangs on one side of the back wheel the same way the bassets ears do on his head. 

18:00 I get home, water the plants, check the cactuses and have a small snack. 

Then I change my clothes for bikinis and head for a pool. We share a pool with the neighbors so I hope there´s not too many kids and I can swim. I really enjoy the underwater swimming, it´s so calm down there.  Such a small distance from the surface but it seems a totally different world. The real world and the voices from above sound so far, far away and I just don´t think about anything and relax concentrating on swimming.

19:30 I´m starving and it´s time for dinner. I prepare something fast like ham and eggs and eat it while checking e-mails. It´s now when the ”handmade” time begins.

21:30 I tranfer to my studio to finish some clocks. It´s always a mess. More I clean more things gather around and then I just make piles and move them from one table to another to get some space for work. I stopped pretending it will be cleaned up one day. It just won´t…

While the clocks are drying I finish the one I made the previous night. I put the clock hands where they belong and it´s ready to ship!

1:30 I renew some products on Etsy and I´m ready for bed. It´s been a long day. At least it´s Saturday tomorrow (or today in fact) and I can sleep as long as I want…Friday I´m in love…with the weekend!
The end.
Radka J

Thank you Radka! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)

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  1. Wow, that's a busy day!
    Thanks for sharing. That bicycle bag looks great and I love your egg dish :D
    Will check out your shop now.