Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday is my day: Nancy van den Boom

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year 2011! This is Maria (also known as Morrgan) posting. As Heli mentioned in the last post of 2010, I will look after this blog while she is taking a break. Thank you very much for this opportunity Heli, and best wishes to you and your growing family!

On this first Friday of the year we're travelling to The Netherlands to meet Nancy, painter of beautiful art that you can not only place on your wall, but wear as well! You can visit to see her work. But first, take a peek at Nancy's day!

Lazy waking up around 10.00 checking my email!

I enjoy this day "off" which means preparing for a creative day! Despite the beautiful weather I will stay in, just to paint all day.

My beloved studio and Eva is already waiting for me (but needs to clear the chair soon).

This 12 square meter is the best place in the house. All mine, Cor built it for me. The skylight providing me beautiful natural light. Only when it gets bit darker in the afternoon in winter, I need the daylightlamp. On the floor beautiful Italian tiles which Cor placed. This place is built with love and it helps me very much creating with a very good feeling.

But first I have to check Keesje in the living room. He seems to be alright! He never comes into my studio. He's waiting all day for me on the couch and hoping I will lay down with him. But I dont have time for this. Well, I choose not to lay down on this creative day. Perhaps later this day, when I am satisfied with painting and enjoy being with Keesje all evening, with him, sleeping on my lap!

My palette is alright too, allthough it might seem to be a mess. A lovely oil painting mess! Precious colours. Some colours I have to refresh, but most of them I can still use.

The view from my studio into the street. The silhouette of the witch is keeping me company!

The brooches and earrings are drying just fine here, in my room. The reds and blues, I love them so much.

Such lovely hours in my working jacket, painting for wearable art!

Time for a short break of 15 minutes at 14.00 hours: Hubby Cor has prepared some tea for us. Today I received my new stamp from and I like to play with it! Did I really put green paint on that chair??

Look Cor, isn't this a beautiful stamp with my name and address! Cor agrees. Beautiful work from Design and Ink - Angi!

Closeup of the printed stamp! A combination of calligraphy and printed letters. I can use this for businesscards, envelopes or ...invoices!

I want to get back into the studio and mess with oil paint and have a great time!

Lady with Poppies is the result of a wonderful creative day!

Hope you did like to see my Friday is My Day!


  1. What a lovely and creative day! Thanks for sharing!

    Maria thank you :)

  2. This is nice Nancy ! Love your light and clear home and of course your lovely cats !

  3. wonderful artist with great light...

    happy to know you...

  4. What a great day! I like your dining room! Your cats are lovely!

  5. Enjoyed this day with Nancy very much :) The pics are beautiful !

  6. Hi Nancy.
    I enjoyed reading about your day :)
    Your home looks beautiful and the cats are cute:)
    Now I'm going to visit your shop!
    Have a great weekend!

    Thanks and hurray to Maria who is taking over this blog for a while.

  7. Many thanks to all of you for this lovely post!

  8. I love Nancy--she is one of the nicest most talented artists--everytime I 'hear' from her, I am in an absolutely great mood!

  9. Hi girls, thanks for the lovely comments on My day Is Friday.
    It was fun to do! And thank you Maria for hosting.

    Nancy x

  10. What a wonderful and colorful day! Thank you Nancy and Maria too :)

  11. Thank you for sharing your work and home with us. I always look forward to read about crafters around the world. It´s very exciting.

  12. :-) So special to get a peek into your home and your studio, dear lovely Nancy!! I will visit in person some day, you have my promise :-) Your cats look like perfect artist's companions :-) xx

  13. How wonderful, Nancy! There is such a peaceful atmosphere in your home!
    Thanks for letting us take part!

  14. Oh I loved to see Nancy at work! Beautiful studio and lovely home :)! I'm a great admirer of Nancy's wonderful art, and it was such a pleasure to get to know more about her creative day!

  15. Another interesting friday ! Thanks for that interview...and I shared it on FB !
    kind regards from Paris !

  16. I enjoyed following your day! What a beautiful painting you have at the end of the day too!

  17. Hi nancy ! ive been watching these posts for some time and absolutely loving them , this is the first time ive seen someone i know on it so i felt brave enough to say hi ! and i still think Keesje is the best name EVER for a cat :-)) loved your post ! love your studio :-)
    sevina yates

  18. What a perfect creative day Nancy! it's great to follow you :)

  19. Love this insight in Nancy's day!