Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday is my day: dualchocolate

It's time for a trip outside of Europe! Today we go all the way to the USA to visit Eslin of Her Etsy shop is full of knitted and crocheted goodies, from adorable bears to jewelry and more. Enjoy!

Hello 2011. Storm and all the Ice.
I am Eslin, artist, poet, woman. I share my life with my two shining stars: my husband and our two-year old boy.

By the beach. Jersey Shore last summer.
Together we share the adventure of life by the beach every single day: season in and season out.

Our daily routine stays pretty much the same through winter, summer, fall and spring, with sunny days, rainy days and lazy mornings and evenings.
In between morning rush and afternoon naps I stitch the day away.
I do not have 15 hours to crochet or knit back to back. I’ve master crocheting and knitting projects only after juggling daily personal activities, and while tackling down a fulltime mommy schedule. I do stay creative around the clock, no problem!
5 am: Early morning and early Etsy “Addictivity”: from the crack of dawn ‘till late nites.
I wake up before the world to curate and comment some treasuries, get the lastest EsEtsy and Etsy news , because the regular world can wait.

9 am: Breakfast Time: Ready Set Go Mommy Go:

I prepare a homemade gourmet vegan breakfast, for my family. This marks my second part of the morning. Sun is out and shining.

11:40 am: Is time to go out to get some sun and snow.

Around 12 pm a scheduled trip to the post office. The Post Office is not an everyday nor too often stop. I walk to drop orders to the local post office in any type of weather. Which is a nothing short of a prowess after a blizzard, plus a mild winter storm . We have streets covered with snow on top of ice, of course. And it is so cold there is no possible beach adventure, or any big outdoor adventure for that matter.
How we long for spring!

11:50 am: Walking to the local post office, I find an amazing freeform ice sculpture at the corner garbage can.

How would believe this way is to the beach. Five blocks and sand and clear crystal water awaits.

12:30 pm: Lunch Break. Is time to slurp some natural smoothies!

1 pm: Knit Mommy Knit. This is when I go out to knit purl knit at Yarn Carriage. A local yarn paradise.

Here is where I usually take a break from my regular Mommy life. This is my latest and newest local discovery.
I love sitting around a table talking while knitting and learning for everybody else’s experiences and projects. A new day brings a new stitch, a new pattern a new joke! Life is great!
My day begins early, snow adventures and sightseeing, it closing time by 9pm.

Tomorrow we’ll wake up to a totally different window of opportunities.


  1. Hello Eslin! Nice to meet you and share your day! :)

  2. Hi Eslin. Thanks for sharing your day with us.
    Jersey Shore sure is nicer in the summertime.
    Funny picture of the garbage can :O)
    I hope spring will come early this year....
    Have a great weekend.
    Going to visit your shop now.

  3. I love your story and pics! Thanks for a such funny ice sculpture! ))))

  4. Hi Eslin!! You are a great artist and a great person. The ice sculpture is amazing you really have a gift.
    Gracias por compartir tu dia :D

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  6. Hey Eslin this is cool!to know more about your daily life and the person behind the store :D Nice I love it !! :D



  7. Oh, lovely to know more about you Eslin!

  8. Love the Post, nice story. Great artist!

  9. Lovely story Eslin!! Thanks a lot for sharing your day :D

  10. Hi Eslin! Nice to see your Friday! Thanks for sharing we us. You did a lovely job taking us through your day. I will visit your shop right now!

  11. I have loved to see how you spend your day!
    ...and how you knit around other people stories!!
    best wishes for you Eslin!!

  12. this has been my best friday yet! thank you, thank you!

  13. So nice to know more about you and to see images from your life, Eslin!

  14. que linda Eslin!!! que lindo ver donde vives y lo que haces!!
    las fotos me encantaron!! beso y seguir tejiendo!!!!!