Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday is my day: Ollies Woollies

Ah I am so ready for autumn when I visit Catherine's shop. She creates felted and crocheted jewellery and the colors are soooo lovely and earthy! Me like a lot :)
Happy Friday folks!

Hi everyone, my name is Catherine and I make crocheted and felted jewelry that I sell in my Etsy-shop Ollies Woollies. Since my days are spent at a museum – where I’m an archaeologist who over the years turned webmaster/-designer – my crocheting is mainly done in the evenings and weekends. Still, I hope you enjoy having a peek at my friday.

I wake up at around 6, and if I don’t get up right away, Tussi the cat make sure I don’t snooze for long. Every morning she follows me into the bathroom where she demands a drink from the tap.

After a quick shower it’s time for breakfast: a bowl of vanilla yoghurt with raspberries and homemade muesli. I got the recipe on a trip to Germany this summer. We stayed for bed and breakfast at an amazing farm, where all the food was homemade. Delicious!

Around 7 the rest of the family (husband Michael and daughter Elna) is up and about. A quick hi and it’s time for me to hit the road. It’s a one hour drive to Kristianstad, the town where I work. I used to commute by train, but after 13 years of getting up before 5 o’clock, I got fed up. If it’s a beautiful morning – like today – it’s a joy to drive and I love to play music really loud and sing along. I’m no singer, but who cares, there’s no one around to tell me to shut up!

Once I’ve parked the car it’s only a few minutes walk before I reach the museum. On the way I pass the Holy Trinity Church, built in the 17th century and such a beauty.

The museum’s entrance is altogether different – and 400 years younger – but not so bad either.

Finally I’m at my desk and it’s time for an update of the web. But first, a quick check on my Etsy-shop. Yay, someone including me in their treasury – always makes me happy!

At 10 o’clock it’s off to the printer to pick up a report I finished designing last week. I think it turned out fine :)

At 12 it’s time for lunch. The museum’s got a great restaurant, Café Miró, where the cook Anita serves the most amazing home made buffet! Today one dish is Coffee Roasted Chicken with Chocolate flavored gravy! It tastes absolutely divine!

Still on our lunch break, my friend and workmate Evelyn and I go for our daily walk through town. Today it’s time for a visit to my local yarn shop, “helylle”, to stock up on some yarn for the weekend.

Couldn’t help but taking a close-up of the gorgeous shawls hanging from the ceiling. Knitted, not crocheted, but still beautiful.

Back at my desk, I continue working with designing the new web for the museum’s collections, until about 5, when it’s time to head back home. My favorite part of the road is when passing all the wind turbines. Their merry twirling makes me feel happy!

I’m back home at around 6, and it’s time for supper. Since it’s Friday, Elna is hanging out with friends and it’s just me and M. We make it simple, just a cup of tea and a sandwich in front of the telly. And a quick look through the new Ikea-catalogue that arrived today.

After supper I get to relax in my favorite chair and finally do some crocheting!

Since I had no sales today, I continue to crochet on the table cloth I started a while back. I saw the pattern at a small local museum and thought it would fit perfectly on the bright red garden table at our summer cottage. Hopefully, I’ll have it finished by next summer :)

11 o’clock and it’s time for bed. Tomorrow we’re off to our summer cottage and a crayfish party with my brother. And since it’s Saturday, there will be more time for Ollies Woollies – with a bit of luck!


  1. Hi Catherine!

    I like your shop:) I used to live in Malmö for 10 years and miss Skåne sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing your day!That muesli made me hungry and your cat is cute!
    Do you sell your jewelry in the museum shop where you work or perhaps at Form/Design Center in Malmö?
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a lovely day! The yarn shop is brilliant :)

  3. Hi Catherine! It's so nice to meet you!
    Many thanks to both of you for sharing!

  4. Love the things you make ! Thanks for sharing.
    Wunderful cat too !

  5. Thanks all! Great to get to know you :D

    Renathe - If you lived in Malmö for 10 years you're practically a Swede! I've sold some of my jewelry in the museum where I work, but not at Form Design Center. I worked there for a little while - must be more than 15 years ago by now - before I got in to archaeology. It's a really nice place! If you ever visit Malmö, drop me a line and we'll have a fika :)