Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday is my day: Nafsika

Today we will hop to Greece and meet Nafsika from
She creates colorful pretty jewellery from precious metals and stones.
Enjoy your trip :)

Pink Flowers Sterling Silver Earrings

My name is Nafsika from an i live in Philothei, a
suburb of Athens, Greece :)

7:40 A typical day for me starts ... my wake up call comes in the
form of a cat. So I get out of bed,drag my feet to the
kitchen, feed the cats and then prepare breakfast...but there is no
time for breakfast today, there are items to be shipped.

8:10 I get dressed,  take the car, put my favorite radio station on
and go to the local post office.
It's a short drive but I love it...there are trees all around, no
traffic and a sense of serenity all around.

8:20 Time to head to the office. That too is (fortunately) a short
drive but with no serenity whatsoever as I head downtown.

8:50 Arrival at the office! Luckily I found a parking spot near the
building so there is enough time to have a quick breakfast consisting
of a cup of extra strong coffee and a "koulouri" which is a Greek
sort of bagel with sesame. I check my emails and my etsy while
munching my Koulouri..

13:30 Lunch break with my colleagues... the best part of the day.
Mine usually is pasta or cooked vegetables. After we finish I take a
sneak peak at my etsy shop
and maybe re-list an item or two. Back to work until 16:30 ....

17:00 Back at my house. Yesterday's laundry is waiting. Must hang the
clothes (not my favorite chore) and then since I am at the balcony
time to water my plants.

17:50 The barking reminds me that it's time to walk the dogs.

18:20 I get back, take a shower and then go to the bench to finish
some orders and play around with designs for some new stones I bought.
20:00 All dressed up and ready to leave the house. Today a very dear
friend of mine is getting married!

21:00 The ceremony is lovely, my friend Katerina looks stunning. I
love weddings!

22:30 The big wedding party is ahead of us! Lots of dancing, eating and
drinking (not necessarily at this order)!

3:00 In the morning and we are still at the wedding party.... thank
God the weekend is ahead!


  1. I love your postoffice, so romantic :)
    Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. without reading, just looking to your pics, i knew, its ATHENS! the citi im in love since i was living there. i'm missing koulouri and frappe... aaawwww

  3. Thank you HeliS for having me! :)

  4. Nafsika,my congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love weddings too! and you look so beautiful in you last picture!

  6. Hi Nafsika!

    Thanks for sharing :)
    I would love to go to Athens some day.
    Doing laundry is not my favorite thing to do either ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. @Renathe well if you do come send me a convo to give you the tips and a tour!
    @luna thank you!

  8. lovely post!thanks for sharing!and I love the picks too!Naf you look fantastic :)