Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday is my day: Carambatack

Let's fly to Norway and visit Annette from
I am sure-if you have been on etsy some time already- you have seen these lovely and pretty girl prints popping out from treasuries, front page, storque..
Enjoy your Friday at Carambatack :)
Elisabeth - Print

My name is Annette Mangseth and I am the artist behind Carambatack Design. and
I live in a small village in Norway called Årnes. It`s located just outside Oslo ( the capitol of Norway ).
I live there with my daughter Pernille ,who`s 10 years old, my boyfriend Larchi and 2 cats.
On a daily basis I work as a fulltime artist / illustrator / sketcher.

07.15 am - Good morning to you all.
It `s early friday morning and my boyfriend Larchi has just left for work.
My daughter Pernille is having her breakfast in the kitchen while I am making her lunch packet. - After sending my daughter off to school I get dressed and make myself a cup of black coffee .
I enjoy my morning coffee and eat a strawberry youghert while reading the local newspaper. - I turn on the radio and my computer.
I check my Etsy shop, emails, shop and my flickr site.
I answer my mails, print out new orders and relist some items on Etsy.

10 .00 am
It`s a sunny spring morning and I go for a walk for an hour or so to clear my head and plan the rest of my day.
On my walk I picked some spring flowers. : )

11.15 am
When I return home from my walk I cuddle my cat Minoshe. She is relaxing in the sun.

11 .30 am
Lunch time!
Crispbread with norwegian goatmilk chees , a kiwi and a cup of Kusmi tea.

12.00 am.
Time to start working. After printing out orders I start packing my Etsy orders.
First I draw and decorate all the envelopes.

13.00 am
Finishes envelopes.

13.10 am
Packing Etsy and Epla orders.

15.00 am
Today orders ready to go.

15.30 am
Driving to the postoffice to ship todays orders and then to mee my sister for Sushi dinner in her hometown Lillestrøm.
It`s a 40 minutes drive from where I live.

17.00 am
Enjoying sushi / maki dinner with my sister Marie.

20.00 am - 23.30
I Spend time with my family , watch tv, put my daughter to bed at 21.00am and them just relax for a couple hours.
Then I go to bed after a wonderful day. : ) Sweet dreams. ZZZZZ


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing! What a cute girl you have! And a cute cat...and I love how you decorate your envelopes...and the sushi look yummy!

  2. What a great idea to have decorated envelopes! It's much more fun to get one like this than just the regular one.

  3. I love those envelopes, what a neat idea! Thanks for the peek into your day. :)

  4. Thank you so very much for sharing!

  5. That sushi looks yummy--and I love your packages! Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. Så moro å lese om deg og din dag! De dekorerte konvoluttene dine er helt fantastiske! (Men selvfølgelig, de slår ikke illustrasjonene dine!)

  7. Love your work! Super neat to have a peak into your day! :)

  8. I have admired your beautiful art for a while... it is so great to get a it more, who is behind it! Thanks for sharing :=)