Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday is my day:Ememem

Today we will travel to Ireland and meet Em&Toms behind these super cute needle felted bears You can spend your day in the shop by reading the sweet stories behind all those little fellows. Enjoy your Friday!

"First thought that came into bears mind right after waking up was, that this was definitely a good day.
Bear jumped out of the bed and put his slippers on..."

A turquoise blue bear with crystals in paw, brooch

Our world revolves pretty much around us from karmatank and our dog. Etsy-wise, my husband Toms does the stories for the bears and I make him something to do the story for.
In the sentence "my day is" we would most probably finish with "Saturday",
as it has that just begun feeling of the week end.
It's when you can sleep in the bed longest
and can stay up the latest and still everything will be all right before and after.

But fridays are very special too - they are the final sprint of the week.
And our friday begins somewhere around 8am. At least that is when the alarm rings.
Half an hour later the eyes are open.

This could be possibly the second thing I see after i open my eyes -
my friends on the windows ill.
Behind them the sky is cloudy - but i bet not for long.
Weather here in Ireland tends to change quite fast.
So Toms goes down to make some breakfast.
And I follow him as soon as the coffee is in the air.
A few bread and butter and a cup of coffee later I am back in the bedroom,
which doubles also as the main work room.
It is nine'o'two - the best time for packing.

Toms will bring the travellers to the post on his way to work.

It's 9:28 and and me and Cedric guide Toms half-way to the work

Half an hour later, it's three past ten and I'm deciding upon colour of the day.

From here up until six, it's pretty much me dancing with the bears and listening to the
and the tunes of Erykah Badu, Iron & Wine, Kimya Dawson and Tribed Called Quest.
Every now and then we jump out in the garden to grab some fresh air and stretch.
Oh and not to forget my little greenhouse.

Growing some herbs and tomatoes too.
Not so much for eat but because they smell so nice
that it makes want to take a full breath.

It's now seven in the evening.
Toms returned from his work and we went out for the long walk to the promenade - back
and forth it takes bit more than an hour.
And the sky's allright too

From here it is back to home.
The day is almost over, and as it is Friday, no major plans for tomorrow.
Will watch a movie or two and just slowly cruise into Saturday.



  1. I happened to stumble upon these bears yesterday, they're excellent! I love those photos of the beach, I'm rather jealous now. ;)

  2. Oh! I've seen these cute creatures on Etsy already! So nice to learn about the crafter behind them!
    And yes - I want to go to Ireland! Think that will be my next holiday destination :D

  3. I am happy to found your wonderful shop and take a peak into your day! thanks for sharing...

  4. This bears were beyond the first items we hearted on Etsy. And love to put them in our treasuries... They are just amazing! Thanks' for this feature! It's so cool to learn more about this great crafters!