Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday is my day: Mquin

To sunny Madrid, Spain and meet Milka from who creates beautiful and neat clothing, perfect for spring days. Check her website too
Wishing you pretty Friday!

Hi! My name is Milka and I am the person behind the shop MQuin, married for 7 years to my wonderful husband and recently a new mom. Here’s a day in the life of an indie fashion designer-seamstress-wife-mom-milkmaid-errand girl-house help all rolled into one!

Today is Thursday

7:30 am

Good morning! As much as I still want to bury my face down my pillow and sleep till mid morning..I don’t have any choice :) Here’s why…

Hubby left for work Ben and I start the day. He gets his morning feedings first…and gets a dose of our morning kissing and hugging rituals. After the diaper duties, he is quite happy. So now, it’s my turn to have breakfast!

While laundry is running in the machine, I have a small cup of coffee (really sad for a coffee addict like me…. will be back to my BIG mugs of coffee next month when Ben turns 6 months..when he gets the bottle that’s going to be a big fight I bet!)…toast with butter and my laptop! I have to take advantage of Ben’s happy moments, so I quickly answer all my emails, check my shop, treasuries and surf the internet for a few minutes…if I get lucky…up to an hour. Ben is still chewing away at Logan the Lion’s tail…. seems like a good day to go out..but I have to work on something.

9:00 am

Uh, oh, I’m still in my pj’’s time to get ready for the day…

Now, spot the difference? Nah, not much change in there!

9:30 am

While Ben is busy with his morning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, I start on a new order for the Tiffany’s dress. Measurements just got in so work begins…

Ironing the fabric, lay outing the pattern pieces and cutting goes on with a few minutes break in between to check up, feed and goof around with the baby until mid day.

12:00 nn

Ok, done with all the preparations for the dress. It’s time for Ben’s lunch!

Tired from his morning activities, he takes his mid day nap. I can now have my lunch peacefully :)..well.. still in front of my laptop… checking online stuff again. Lunch will just be ham and cheese sandwich and a banana…I do not have time to cook a meal when I have orders, so this will have to do.

1:30 pm

It’s time to sew!!!!

5:00 pm

It’s time to wrap up. Today I did not get to do a lot of sewing since I had to cut fabric in the morning. I usually end work during this time since I have to attend to some other things.

After the baby rituals…my afternoon coffee :)…with a little something extra. I baked this blueberry oatmeal bread a couple of days ago but, it’s still yummy after heating it.

6:00 pm

Now it’s time to clean up the afternoon’s mess. Hubby is on his way home from work.

Ben’s time to get clean!

7:30 pm

My husband loves to cook. He usually prepares dinner for us. After our meal father and son have their own quality time while I get to have my little alone time taking a bath. We watch a few TV shows after.

11:00 pm

Time to sleep…another busy sewing day tomorrow!


  1. Hi Milka, nice to meet you!
    I can't imagine you you can do it all in just one day :)

  2. Sounds a little like my day! :) Nice to visit you in Spain, Milka. Ben is such a chubby cutie.

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing!

    Ben is a super cutie!!!

  4. What a cute day spent with your baby, your beautiful baby!!!

  5. Beautiful designs, I love the skirt in your shop in particular but my gosh, your baby has stolen the limelight because he is sooooo cute !

  6. Awwww, the bath photo of Ben is just too adorable. :)

    Your shop is lovely!

  7. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and sweet interview with us! It was such a joy to read! :)

  8. Hey Milka - happy to see your day! Your boy is adorable!

  9. Thanks for sharing your day with us Milka! I love your shop, you create such incredibly beautiful clothes, but today baby Ben took the spotlight .... what a cutie! :D

  10. great to meet you Milka ! You not only make beautiful dresses, but you also made a beautiful son !

  11. Just like my day around four years ago Milka!:)

  12. thank you so much to all, I hope you enjoyed my typical day :D

  13. HI Milka, Thanks for sharing your super bussy day!! It reminds me too of some years ago... I am glad I have passed that baby stage, hihihi

  14. How do you actually get work done, Milka?
    Super cute boy you have!