Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday is my day: Blue Terracotta

Ready to go? Today we will head to France and meet Laura from
She creates lovely textile and mosaic art pieces. Have a great trip and wonderful Friday!

Handmade Fabric Bird Brooch - Textile Artisan Jewelry - Black and Cream Floral

7:30 am The boys have already left when I get up and the first thing I do is put on the kettle for tea. My daughter leaves for school a little later.

The view is beautiful from the fifth floor over the tops of the tree-lined avenue.

8 to 9 am After a cup of tea, I do kundalini yoga for an hour. Notice the T-shirt from Xenotees!

9:30 am After a quick breakfast, off to the virtual world to check my etsy shop, messages, read some blogs and the New York Times.

10:30 am This morning’s creative work is finishing a mosaic, then working on taxes. Yes, it’s tax time in France.

1 pm The kids are home for lunch today and we have tuna tomato and basil favorite quiche! It’s leftover from last night, but even better the second day!

2 pm After lunch today, I drop my son off for a haircut (sorry, he denied me permission to publish his before and after photos!) and I take a walk to a few nearby shops I love for some supplies. I found a lovely vintage lace tablecloth in Emmaus and a small remnant of linen in the deco shop.

3:30 pm Whenever I can, I make a cake for our snack, this time a raspberry loaf , which is also yummy with any combination of berries. And I get to use my frog oven mitt from Ingermaiike, which I adore!

With two teenagers hungry again at 4 pm, the cake and tea go fast! Here’s my daughter, but my 13 year old son ate the most cake! I eat quickly soI can get some work in.

4:30-6:30 pm This afternoon I’m working on a new fabric project. Can you guess what it is?

Dinner is around 8 pm, when dad gets home. First a green salad, then a frittata made with artichokes, leeks, feta and cherry tomatoes. And Ginger chicken for those who eat meat.

9:30 pm I play a game of cards with my son before bed, Five-State Rummy tonight, a game about the geography of the US. Here’s a question from the game: Which state is popularly called the “sunshine state”? If you got that easy one right, which one is called the “beehive state”?

After one last etsy check, I do some reading in the now quiet apartment before going to bed around 12 o’clock.


  1. Hi Laura, you know I'm a big fan of your work and reading about your friday is so much fun, thank you!

    Thanks to you too Heli, don't ever stop doing this. Promiss? x

  2. Another fan of your work here! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  3. Many thanks to both of you for sharing!

  4. Hi Laura ! I love to meet you and your daughter here; and the new moths start to look great !

  5. Laura, I adore your work,
    thanks so much for sharing!!!

  6. sounds lovely !!!

    adore that cheeky oven mit :D

  7. Thanks Heli for featuring me! Thanks everyone!

  8. Hi! I just visited your shop and I LOVE your work! Reading about your Friday stirred my appetite. If you cook like that every day, can I move in with you??? :o) Jean

  9. Wonderful read! I love your berry cake Laura!

  10. What a great post! Thanks for shearing your friday!

  11. I very much love the things Laura makes, so fun to read about her day (while sitting on one of her bug pillows..)

  12. How nice of you to share your day with us :) THank you!
    This rasberry loaf looks so delicious! :) Yammy!

  13. Thanks for sharing your day Laura! I'm like all the others a big fan too! :)