Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday is my day: Ninù

I am very happy to announce that we are going to Italy today, one of my favorite countries, and meet Sandra from
one of my favorite etsy bag makers! And she has one of my favorite hairs too!
Happy friday, one of my favorite day, to you all! :)

LAST ONE. Piccola Ninfea pouch in variegated cream

Hello! My name is Sandra Comas, I was born in Figueres, in Catalonia.
Now I live in Turin, a beautiful town in the North of Italy, with my boyfriend, Daniele and our dog Mika. In 2008 I have founded ninù , a little handicraft laboratory that creates original design with love and care.

7.30 am Good morning!

8.00 am Breakfast & Mail.

8.30 am Package the item for the shipping.

9.30 am I work with my juki until lunch.

1.30 am My boy is a good cook.

3.00 pm Very simple. Return to work.

5.30pm A little break for a very good ice cream.

6.00 pm Photo sooting

7.30 pm Time for my doggy.

8.00 pm I love my flowers.

8.30 pm Now I must cook.

10.00 pm Something for my brain and...


  1. Oh yes, I want Sandras hair too! And her dog, heheh ... ;) Beautiful photos, I enjoyed this post very much.

  2. I love Ninu's pictures and love that her day has been portraited the same way :)

  3. I am such a fan of Sandra / NINU's creations ... this little "voyage" in her life is both charming and poetic the pictures.

    merci so much for sharing

  4. Very beautiful interview of a so talented artist! Beautiful pictures! I'm a fan too :)

  5. What afun day and I love the way it has been captured!

  6. A new fan here :) And I love the hair too (always wanted big hair...)

  7. Great post!

    And, having the straightest hair in the world, I am not at ALL jealous of her hair.... *liar*

  8. Many thanks Heli.
    I'm happy!

  9. Thank you for sharing your day with us. The pics are so cute :)

  10. nice to meet Sandra..!!!! Thank you Heli :)

  11. Luved this feature and the beautiful photos that came along. Thank you girls for sharing!!!

  12. Oh, how I heart this artist! Her bags and her photos are simply iconic. Very inspiring.

  13. Lovely photos!!! Thank you :)

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