Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday is my day: Lunaticart

Today we will meet lovely Bere, a jewellery designer from Paris who has beautiful and very tempting etsy shop
Friday is a perfect day for jewellery shopping ;)

Merry go round spinner ring

7:30, We have 3 alarm clocks, 2 are our cell phones and the third one is our son Teva, today the third one went off the first (the only alarm clock that kisses you good morning!). I get him ready for school, breakfast and off for the day. Today my husband Rafa is taking him to school, so I have time to get changed and have breakfast in my pijis.

8:15 or 8:30 We have family at home and it is great because my lovely cousin went to get "pain au chocolat" and "croissants" for breakfast! (still on my pyjamas...)It's been only a few days that I've started to exercise a bit, ( every muscle is sore).
A quick shower and quick cleaning before starting my handmade day.

9:00 My day starts with computer work, I love seeing if my "sold items" number has changed!!!!! I answer all my convos, emails, send shipping notifications, write down today's orders. Then I visit jewelry blogs, forums, flickr and I must confess that sometimes I have to stop myself before I spend all morning in front of my screen!

10:00 My working bench and I are good friends...well, sometimes we just can't see each other, like in all relationships...

1:30 I stop for cooking something really quick and simple for lunch to have more time for my orders, even though It's been 5 years I live in France my Mexican side is always present in my food and hot green peppers are a must in my fridge.

2:00 Packaging...time consuming but I like it, just another chance to communicate with my customers.
2:40 Today I am going out to buy some jewelry supplies with my Etsy (an real life) friend Minicyn.
3:00 Usually I buy most of my supplies on the net since they are very expensive in Paris, but we discovered a great little antique shop with almost all a need for a new project I am working on and it is so much nicer to feel, to touch what you are buying!

5:00 Time for a little break after 2 hours of chain hunting in 3 different shops. The weather in Paris is getting nicer, so we try the Terrace for some fresh air and street life. We exchange ideas, we encourage each other and have a good laugh before leaving around 5:30 to pick up Teva from school.

6:16 I usually pass to the gallery Goutte de Terre where Rafa is the Director ( by the way, a few talented Etsy sellers expose in the gallery).
I love the's been only one month and a half since I moved out to only work on my jewelry, so it feels good to come back from time to time...I miss it, it was a hard decision but I am happy.
8:00 Dinner time, Rafa cooked delicious pasta,
9:00 My son , who always has energy , goes to bed after a story.

10:30 Can't wait to start working on my new body pieces (shhh)...but not tonight, I am too tired!
Computer, a movie, a documentary or just TV...

12:10 I am already dreaming....
Thanks for reading my day...everyday is different, every day is special.


  1. I love Lunaticart's work, and now reading about her life makes her even more interesting! Her food looks so good, her alarm clock is so cute, and I thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    What a cute little boy! And I am drooling over that supply shop ;)

  3. Great to get to know you Bere ! Beautiful boy you have. I am envious seeing you two sitting there on a Paris terrace....

  4. Oh, I looove Lunaticart's creations! So cool to get a peak into her life and get to see her bench :) Great interview, Heli! :)

  5. Thank you so much ! it is so funny to see my day in pictures! Special thanks to Heli for this great idea! By the way it has taken days to erase "Bonjour" from my feet!!!!

  6. Oh, this is amazing!! Thanks for letting us know more about you! :)

  7. wouw beautyfull day you had!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy life to the fullest:)

  8. Wonderful to meet you Bere! I fell in love with your jewelry long time ago, so I am really happy to get know you better! And thansk for the sweet Super Heli for keeping this blog :=)

  9. What fun photos and so creative you are Bere:) And hey that's me Minicyn. What a lovely day out wasn't it!

  10. Oh you have a beautiful day Bere, I love to see all your pics but your little darling kisses his daddy is the best!:) Thanks for sharing Bere:)

  11. That was a fun read! Thank you :-D

  12. he he. cute. all too familiar to me ! bisous

  13. Always fun to read these posts! You already know that I like your work :) Your workplace is so tidy.

  14. I feels like we joined your day in Paris ! great !

  15. wooahhh! your life has rhythm, I am so proud of you, I can almost dance

  16. Great interview, nice to know more about Bere!!! i love her works and she's lovely!! ;-)