Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday is my day: Iomiss

Spain calling! I hope the sun is there :)
Today we will meet Cristina from who creates pretty jewellery and owns a cloth&accessory boutique in Spain.
Wishing you all good Friday trip!


Good morning! It's 9 o'clock. The alarm has been ringing for almost an hour but I'm unable to wake up when it begins to ring. In this way I wake up in a good mood to start the day:)
The first thing I need to be able to open my eyes is a shower, a very long one, I love it.
I open the window and look how the day is. The bathroom window overlooks our courtyard and in the distance I see the small town where we spend some days a week.
Today is a very good day, a spring day!
I can not leave home without drink a natural orange juice and even turning on the computer. I take a glance at the etsy shop, mail, the flickr group ... ....
It's 10! We're going to work.
Before starting to work I have a coffee. I use this time to read newspapers, chat with friends ... ..

0:30- I open the store. I own a clothing and accessories boutique for 8 years and is there where I spend almost all day.
It's 14:00, going to lunch!

I have lunch every day at my parents' house. I spend all day working and this is the only time I can see them and ask them how everything is and, of course, play with our dog. It is the most beautiful dog in the world, isn't it?

After lunch I go home. I have a small apartment in the city where we've been living for many years and still stay there a few days a week, and this is where I make the jewelry. Normally this is the time when I make the orders that I have to send later in the afternoon and I take pictures for new listings in the store ... and at 17:00 I go back to the boutique.

I live in a very small town and I always walk to work, it takes me 10 minutes. I love walking through my city and go through the usual places. This is my old high school!

At 17:15 I open the store again. I spend the afternoon hanging clothes, serving my customers, talking to suppliers, making orders ... and preparing the package if I've sold on etsy. At 8:15 I go running to the post office and send all the packages. Uff running all day!
Sometimes after work we meet some friends, go out and have dinner with them, but today I've cooked at home. It's 23:00 We're having dinner and watch a movie.

After dinner and the movie I use to stay on the couch with the macbook for a long time. It's very late!
It's around 2 am. I'm exhausted and I'm falling asleep zzzzzzzz Sweet dreams


  1. Hello Cristina! Wonderful to spend the day with you! And yes, the dog is super sweet! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Cristina. I'd love to visit your "real" shop ^_^

  3. Thank you for sharing your busy day with us Cristina! Your 'real' shop looks beautiful, congrats! :) Oh, and the dog is adorable! :D

  4. Hi Cristina, nice to meet you ! That dog is gorgeous !!

  5. Hi Friends!!! Thanks for your visit here in my country ^_^
    It's a pleasure to me sharing with you one of my days.

    Thanks so much Heli.

  6. que bonita Cris!! que lindo ver donde vives y trabajas :))
    me encanto!!! ahora puedo decir que te conozco un poquito mas!!
    besos guapa!!


  7. She lives in a lovely place, the blooming cherry tree caught my eye right away. Also, I adore her jewelry photographs!

  8. Love the accessories and the real-time boutique. Mujer es que eres a tiempo completo! Oimiss you are a fulltime creative woman!!!
    This article is beyond great. What an inspiration. Thank you Helis, and Cris (iomiss)

  9. es hermoso tu lugar!!! que lindo conocer mas de vos!!!!

  10. Qué bien saber algo más de Cris!! :)
    Great article!!! ;D

  11. Wonderful article, a subtle glance at your daily routine, amazed at the pretty places and how everything is so white and organized...!!!
    Stunning: Your Dog! He's soo cute...!!!

  12. qué chulo el post!!! Besote gordos. Nos vemos.

  13. Qué artículo más chulo! me ha encantado conocerte más y saber cómo pasas el día!!...and your work is great!! un besazo

  14. Love the article and looove to watch all the pics of the beautiful city and landscape around you...
    muy bonito Cris!:))

  15. Hola Cris!!!

    Que bonito esta donde vives!!! Y tu Dogy esta hermoso jijiji

    Gracias por compratirlo con nosotros!


  16. Bonito artículo Cris!!!, ya sabemos algo más sobre ti y la ciudad donde vives, precioso el lugar!!!

  17. bonito articulo, bonita ciudad :) y bonita tu! que eres una artistaza!
    unos besos!!!!

  18. So nice to share your day, your boutique and town looks

  19. Opino igual que las chicas, que hermosa tu ciudad y que lindo conocerte más :D
    I love iomiss shop!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. What a wonderful day! And how fun to see how different our rythm is. By 2300 I am fast asleep, our dinner is at 1700....

  21. Thanks Cris for sharing a little bit of your life! You live in a wonderful place!!! You do have a very cute dog. I really enjoyed getting to know a little more about you!!

  22. Wow I'm stunning your home, your boutique and your city it's beautiful and your dog it's so cute.!!
    And thanks for sharing to us your Friday day!

  23. Oh!!! Que vida más bonita!! Si yo durmiera tan poquito iría plof tdo el día!! Cuanta energía creativa!!

  24. Loved it, loooooved it!
    So nice to see other europeans that eat lunch at 14h and dinner at 23h :D (although I have dinner at 22h)