Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday is my day: BHB Kidstyle

Today to sunny Portugal and meet Eva from who paints fun and cute kids T-shirts. Summer is closer than you think :)

7.30– The alarmclock is off. I REALLY dislike alarmclocks. I drag myself out of bed and go to the kitchen. First thing first, coffee. I must say it is part of my everyday torture that I have to make the coffee before I can drink it. It is such a difficult task without the help of coffein .

While I´m waiting for the coffee too get ready I try to lay the table for the children´s breakfast.

I make my big mug of coffee. Half a mugful strong, 3 persons worth of coffee, the other half is milk. It is called meio de leite, where I live.

Once the coffee starts to have its effect on me, I go and wake up my kids. I won´t bore you with the every hassle of getting ready to school. We leave the house as 8.30 and set off on foot.

I like the 10 minutes walk home from school. It gives me a chance to think about the day ahead of me.

Once I'm home I sit down and do the usual Etsy rutine. Check views, sales, chat on the EST thread, check treasury clock, reply e-mails.

Today I have Portuguese lessons up at the university. I have it once a week which is nothing if you want to learn a language properly but at the moment I can´t have more. It still gives me the illusion though, that one day I might be able to speak Portuguese well. Before I go I quickly have another cup of coffee.

Usually I cicle but today it is too windy for my liking and I take the bus and walk. On the way there I walk pass one of my favourite turist attractions, the old Santa Clara Church

As I zig-zag up the hill between the narrow streets, I can see the top of Sé Velha -Old Basilica.

From there just another 10 minutes the University

I have lessons from 11.00 till12.30 and after that I usually grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich from the bar with some of my fellow students.

I usually get home at about 2.00, and force myself to do some kind of housework before I sit down to do some painting. Today I have to finish a custom order of a local returning customer.

That is how I left it last time ...

… and that is how I leave it now

By the time I finish, it is almost time to go and pick up the kids from school. On the way there I check out the Bissaya Barreto Foundation's garden which is full of maple trees. This is where I usually harvest my maple leaves for the prints and I want to see if there are any buds on the trees yet.

Once we get home from school I start making dinner. Today it is going to be carott cream soup with “kifli” stuffed with chesse and spicy sausages.

“Kifli” is the Hungarian word for croissant but it doesn´t have the same dough. It is basicly the same as bread dough but has the extra addition of a lump butter.

That´s what it looks like before it goes into the oven...

… and that is when it is ready

After dinner there is still a little bit of play time then bath and bedtime to the children. 3 children, 3 bedtime stories. The light goes off at 8.30-9.00 pm and after that it is Etsy time again!


  1. Hello Eva, nice to meet you! :-)
    I love your town - it looks so balanced and harmonic....and warm above all :-)

    Do you have something left from the dinner...looks delicious, I'd love to taste it!

  2. you live in a very historical area have 3 kidss..wowww...supperr mommyyy:-)

    it is great to know you:-)Thanx Heli:-)


  3. Sending it through, Jutka! :D (It´s much better with Hungarian sausages, of course.)

  4. Wonderful interview... Thank you so much sharing...

  5. Wonderful to spend this day with Eva! And yes, I want a Kifli now too! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing, Eva. I want a kifli too ;)

  7. Wonderfull area you live in! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. so great to meet you here Eva !

  9. great interview, thank you Eva for sharing your day with us and showing us beautiful Portugal!! :)

  10. It's so nice to read these interviews. Lovely, Heli and Eva!