Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday is my day: Nauli

Right, today we travel to Germany and spend our day with Eva and Johanna from
Very productive sisters making photo albums, accordion books, books, accordion folders and cd-covers. They have another shop for knitted hats and scarves
Enjoy your trip :)

Nauli CD-Case Classic
Right to the point.. may be you recognized already, there are two of us. And we are currently not living together.. Johanna is in Hamburg, the North of Germany and Eva next to Munich, in the South of Germany. Far away, which sometimes make our business a bit complicated.... as you can imagine.
It's a sister non together Friday. That means half of Nauli is in Hamburg, about 900km away from Munich.

Morning Twitter with big coffee cup, and a sister chat.

Never knew that my breakfast looks this nice!

Starting work...
Johanna is doing the correspondence and sometimes disturbs little sister on her work for a further conference about possible colours and prints... Actually it doesn't only feel complicated, it is complicated...

Making orders ready to ship.

Simple Lunch in Munich. Nasi Goreng with the best homemade Sambal (Indonesian Chilli Sauce) in this world.

Ready to work again. A big custom order CD-Covers have to get pressed today.
Yippie! Postman bells the door! Nauli got mail!

Too bad that Johanna can't help. On the way to Yoga. Happy to make it this Friday!

Friday night is calling!
First dinner with friends and great dessert!

Then bowling to get rid off the calories again :)

While Johanna is on the way to watch an opera. Checking mails on her phone... OMG! Our CD-Case is in the etsy voter! A sister call and an excited Tweet...
Enjoing Puccinis' La Boheme. How can people think that modern a hundred years ago?

Coming home at 23.30 and having a very very early morning chat with boyfriend at the other side of the world.

While Eva-Dewi is tired and happy on her way home.


  1. This could be so hard sometimes to keep everything under control. But you're rocking girls, well done! Thanks for sharing the two fridays, it was nice to see how different you are, yet you can collaborate with nice things :-)

  2. great to meet you two here ! and I also love nasi goreng with sambal !!

  3. the double Friday :) Lovely to "meet you both" ..can I come for lunch next time you make nasi goreng ..mmmmm :)

  4. Njumm to the nasi :-D

    Great fun meeting you two!

  5. I always love to see sisters work together I have 3 sisters, but non of them are that crafty like I am... Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Oh, that was a surprise for me, I didn't know, that there's two begind nauli :) It was nice to read about your fridays :)
    My sis is very creative, but I'm more on material things (I mean touchable things), she's more on graphic :)
    Thank you and good luck! :)

  7. Thank you for this great work Heli! We are happy about the feature :)
    About the sisters... we are actually 4... but Nauli is a two sister project, which gets a lot of support in certain times f.e. before Christmas from two more crafty sisters...

  8. Wow, you guys really need to be good organizers! So nice to see how your day goes, thanks for sharing:)

  9. Hehehe.. what a fun "double" day! :)

  10. I'm so glad Heli plugged her blog just now beacause I totally forgot to check it yesterday :-)

    Thanks for sharing your day.. it's so much fun to read and watch the pics!
    Groet, Simone

  11. Kok kalian kayaknya kembaran ya? dan Jo, itu sambal, ya ampun apa ngga pedas say?
    Anyway is really noce to see you both here:)))
    salam manis dari Swiss:)

  12. @all: Thank you for your nice comments :)
    @karuski: Actually we should improve a lot. But there is a plan to be at one place again, soon, and still be possible to run all alone from time to time.
    @Ira: kalau kembaran nggak kok. Tapi cuman dua tahun beda umur dan kakak adik boleh mirip dong...

  13. Nice write-up of the double Friday, with some nice pictures, too. Nice to meet you both! :-)

  14. Nice meeting both of you :) Curius...who is twittering?

  15. Super to meet both of you! :)