Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday is my day: Evihan

The weather is great in Istanbul so I prefer staying here and visit Kristin from
She creates beautiful glass and silver jewellery in her Istanbul studio. Have a great day with Kristin :)

Golds and Blues Ring

my day starts usually at 6.30 a.m. beacuse I am a slow in the mornings. I love my house’s location, very peaceful…no corns…it is not located in congested area (hopefully)
I watch TV..… my day does not start well if I do not listen to music, then I clean the house in the early morning
I put my make up….

At around 8 o’clock, I leave the house to take a tram to go to the “Grand Bazaar” area where all the silver and semi-precious stone wholesalers are located…it is really fun to chat with the owners/employees…they offer tea/coffee for free
I make my breakfast at around 9 a.m. in one of the neighbourhood the same time I check my mails and of course my etsy shop and EST forum :) I usually eat some boiled vegetables, olives, a slice of wholewheat bread and drink tea, chat with friends, we laugh a lot to my jokes :)
At around 9:45 I go to our street cafe to have my Turkish Coffee with medium sugar..and of course read my newspapers…I really love here especially in the summer is always crowded…although it looks like sheds, you can come across with many famous writers, actors, actress, directors and etc

Before going to my shop, I pass by my street florist to buy some flowers for my shop…today I bought KOKINA..this flower is only sold christmas/new year time in Turkey…

There is a famous Pickle House just in the corner of my shop, it is a quite famous and biggest shop in Turkey…every tourist takes photos of the variety
Finally I reach to my small haven at around 10:15 I place the flowers to my recycled vases…they were wine bottles months agoJ I work form my orders..during New Year time mostly I prepare angels for both my shop and other sales corners.
During the day, my friends and of course :) customers visit me.

I visit my neighbours…next to my shop there is an antique fabric shop called LEYLA…very specilalized on especially Ottoman fabrics, French laceworks and etc..

and then I pass by to a vintage shop called MOZK..they rent their clothes for films and TV series…they have hundreds of costumes…I lost myself, when I go there. My friends Berk and his wife Selda prepares different themes in front of their shops..and they change it regularly...this is really fun :)
I buy my fruits from horse car, always fresh
At around 8 p.m. I close my shop….I make shopping from a local supermarket…today I bought one of my favorite fish “Salmon” and eat some Turkish appetizers –stuffed pepper and wine leaf called DOLMA, and some KISIR, which is prepared with BULGUR…those are my favorite appetizers
After checking my mails and of course ETSY for the last time, -If I still have an energy- I go out with friends to have some drinks…and as you can see after a couple of wine I took these kind of photos :)

At 11.30 p.m.time to clean my face…..and zzzzz….

wowww I make these in 1 day GOSSSHHH I must be a super woman :)


  1. This is a wonderful journal. I want to move to live in Istanbul. I like your neighbourhood.. Lots of cool shops! Thanks so much for sharing. I "honestly" envy you!!!!! Would love to visit you one day.

  2. hehe...thank you Dear are always very welcome..I have a large couch for any EST members:-))

  3. Looks like you have a fun and nice social life, Kris! Thanks for sharing your day with us :)

  4. Wow, you make Istanbul look even more magical! ...and I am hungry too now...

  5. i really enjoyed reading this! what a great tour of istanbul :D
    cute shop you have, kristin!

  6. I love reading it! Thanks for sharing your day!!

  7. Aaaaaaah Kristin you have a magical life!! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  8. What a wonderful, fun and magical day! Can I come live with you for a while :-D

  9. Love your day and what beautiful colours you have on your day. Thank you very much for sharing both Kristin and Helis!

  10. I love your photo reportage--it's a wonderful city, and you are a lucky one to live there! Thank you Kristin for the wonderful day!

  11. Love it !! Love the photos !!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    bekle beni Istanbul !!

  12. Oh Kristin, your everyday life just so interesting!!!
    Thank you for sharing dearie:)))

  13. Wow, it's a lovely post with great photos!! :) Very lively! I am very interested in "especially Ottoman fabrics", what they look like?

  14. oh so lovely to meet you here Kristin ! And to see pics from your shop ! Hubby was very enthusiastic about your pickle shop neighbour .... (Hubby is a great cook ).

  15. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Kristin! You lucky gal! Would love to have such days in Istanbul!

  16. Beautiful story! I can't believe anyone can get up that early though, you must be a real morning person!

  17. Your day looks wonderful! Full of colors and great shops...I want to visit!

  18. Kristin, you have such a lovely life and live in the most beautiful place on earth!!! I miss chatting and laughing with you!!! And of course I miss your unique shop!!! Great dairy my sweet friend!!!

  19. How beautiful, I love your photos!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. I loved the pictures, and it reminded me the city i love so much. And i miss the fantastic Turkish food!!!
    have a great weekend

  21. I love your blog post! Its very interesting to read and see all your streets and shops! Thank you for sharing!)