Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday is my day: Raisinlike

Today we will meet lots of puppets from
and we are lucky to meet their mother and creator Sharona from Israel, too one enthusiastic puppet maker :)
Have a fun Friday!
Autumn Flutterfairy - One of a kind puppet mobile
Good morning! The sun rises and so must I.
Breakfast is served in front of last night’s Etsy stats – soft Italian bread with pâté and
a cup of coffee with goat’s milk.
It’s time to go to work. On my way, I say a quick hello to our local sea monster.
While working on my latest user guide, I realize someone from the office massed with
my Degas yet again.
Lunch is by far the most important event of our workday. Exactly at noon you can see
a herd of starving developers, graphic artists and executives running to the elevators
while arguing what and where to eat. Today, however, we were unanimous in our
craving for a nice healthy burger.
Back from lunch, and on with the work. 3pm is time for a coffee break. One soy
cappuccino coming right up, while various discussions are taking place in the kitchen
area. These vary from professional debates to bible studies and recipe exchange.
After work, I head on to my weekly shopping at the local farmers market. I buy three
huge bags of ready made popcorn, some avocado and corn, pears and fresh goat
When I get home I hear sad news. Little Nick has foam loose on his lower jaw, and
needs urgent surgery. Brave little Nick asks for his teddy bear while we get ready to
anesthetize him. Then I do my magic. His recovery is full and swift.
While Nick is healing with a bowl of chocolate ice cream, we have our dinner. It’s
leftover noodles and chicken in peanut butter and coconut cream sauce I cooked last
night. We decide to celebrate Nick’s recovery with a toast to his health.
After dinner I update my blog. I am just back from a vacation in London and am
writing a series of posts about my adventures. This post is about Pinky’s visit to the
British Museum.
At last, I brush my teeth, wear my jammies and head to bed. I am reading the perfect
book for bed lately, entitled “What really matters”. It discusses mathematics and
philosophy. Two or three pages and I sleep like a baby. See you in the morning!


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing Sharona. I love your shop, I am surprised I had not come across it before because you make just my type of things :)

  2. I haven't met Sharona so far ... but I'm happy I did now! Such fun to enjoy the day with her! :)

  3. Hi Sharona ! It's such a great fun to meet you here ! I have always loved your puppets !

  4. Sharona, it's so nice to meet you! Your creations are wonderful!

  5. very nice post, thanks for sharing your day!

  6. Another fascinating day in the life...thanks for sharing, Sharona!

  7. Strange, I commented earlier but it isn't here..

    Thank you so much Heli, and thank you guys. You will be happy to hear Nick is all well now :o)

  8. I loved this post !!! So entertaining !!! I am delighted to read that Nick made a recovery and glad Pinky loved LONDON !!!! I think you should both head to Scotland !!!

  9. Haha, what a fun read! :D Nice to meet you, Sharona!