Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday is my day: Jodii

Today we will meet Sophie from
She makes beautiful hand embroidery and print designs on linen and cotton, recycled envelopes, bags and tablecloths. My favorites are these embroidered linen cushions. Love the simplicity! Enjoy your friday in Germany :)

Hand embroidered cushion dots

Yes it is true, Friday is my day.
Especially if I have one day off...

Today I started with a nice cup of tea and one hour of reading
and answering emails, printing bags and labels,
wrapping sold things up and...
have a look at my website:

I took everything to the post office.

Back at home I did my dishes - I hate that.
Has anyone a hot tip how to
enjoy it? I really need something...

Then the laundry...

My chilies are almost ready to eat.
The grew good this year.

I forgot something in my office
(I work as a communication designer).
I love this huge, airy room.

Baked tomatoes, potatoes and brussels sprouts for lunch.

At the afternoon I visited my parents place.
What a great day to drive
the car.

My beloved bunny. Her name is Newton.
We thought she was a boy in the
first place...

Sewing my first handmade skirt. Not so easy.

I love reading in bed. Good night everyone.


  1. That is one nice, large, airy room. I wish all offices were like that. (But then I work outside most of the time - so *I'm* not complaining). As for washing the dishes - I try to listen to loud music, or the BBC World Service - to keep my mind preoccupied.

  2. Nice to meet you!! A lovely light room indeed, and I love your driving pics :-)

    Thanks again Heli, happy weekend all! xo

  3. Beautiful photos, I enjoyed watching them! Hmm, dishes... I try to wash the dishes right after cooking. It causes me pain to see them piled up so avoiding that helps in my case:)

  4. Nice to meet you! :)
    Oh... the most beloved houseworks, laundry and dish wash... NOOOOT! :))
    Cute bunny :)

  5. nice to get a closer look :)
    'say hello to sophie ...

  6. There is just no way to enjoy the dishes, I'm sure of it! Newton is lovely x