Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday is my day: Kuutydruk

Today we will fly to Estonia and meet a moongirl (kuutüdruk in estonian) alias Moonika from
She makes traditional Estonian folk embroidery art on linen. You will find some pretty embroidered products for modern people like iPod pouches, laptop sleeves, bags and CD albums. Please visit her shop!
(pssst! you can find some great handmade Christmas gifts there...)

Swirls and circles - Linen laptop sleeve with folk embroidery
I'm an office assistant in local daily business news newspaper. I love my job! But due that, my days are not so different. Most of my day, I spend in the office and when I get back home, my crafty life begins :)

I wake up 6:50. Actually, my first alarm goes 6:30. After every 10 minutes it will go on again and after third time, I usually get myself up. I'll do my hair and make-up and about 7:30 I have my breakfast. Usually bread and tea.
Me and my fiance are working in a same company and even on the same floor. First I was a bit afraid, that it might be a problem. But it turned out to be very nice :) Sometimes, when I need a hug during the day, I sneak to him and cuddle a bit :) Hug a day, keeps the doctor away! :) Anyways, I leave the house around 8:00 and he stays still in bed. He gets up around 9:00. He works as computer programmer and is allowed to show up later :)
I usually walk to the office. It's only 30 minutes walk and I enjoy these moments with myself. As I don't have much time for exercise at the moment, then these walks do the trick too :)
See the red building in the back, that's my target :)
nd I'm here! Work day begins at 8:30. See the red sign, Äripäev. This is the newspaper, where I work.
This is my desk in the office. I'm the first person you see, when you walk in. Not the tidiest desk... :) When I get in, I have my daily routine. I'll make a round on the floor, check the coffee machines, bring newspapers and mail. Answer few e-mails, book some tickets for my boss, who travels a lot, etc. Say "Good morning" to EST team... The usual assistant work :)
Around 10:00 I'll have my latte-cocoa mixed drink. Love my mug. My sister made this especially for me. I'm Taurus, if you didn't catch that yet :) It's a huge mug and lot of my coffee junkie colleagues are jealous of it :)
13:30 I'll have my lunch. Besides my fiance, my sister is working also in the same company :) She is on other floor tho. Usually we eat all together, my, my sis and fiance. I bring my lunch myself. Today is cauliflower-carrots baked in the oven with breadcrumbs and sour cream.
During the day I host guests, who come in, answer phone, write e-mails, call candidates to job interviews, chat with coworkers... :) Between 15-16:00 I have my second coffee drink and Kinder Delice. Love this stuff! So soft and chocolaty... yammm! If you need something from me, then this is how you buy me off :P
17:00 my office day is over and I walk home again. It's dark outside, but at least it's not raining today. This tree looks like it has Christmas lights on, but it doesn't. The red dots are rowan tree berries.
My home street :) It's a small street with lots of small houses. It's like a small village in the city. Around our street are big houses again.
Around 17:30-18:00 I'm back home. Me and my fiance are building our home next to his parents house. It's almost ready. This is our future home front door :) Looks so sweet and inviting :) Can't wait till it's ready. By this Christmas, I'll have my kitchen. And hopefully in the beginning of next year, we can move in.
First thing, when I get home, I'll make fire to heat the house. Some times I just sit there and watch the fire. Nice...
I'm usually the first one who gets home. My future parents in-law get home later and my darling fiance let's himself wait till 21:00 or even later. I can't wait that long, so most of the times I eat alone around 18-19:00 Nice vegetarian stew with cup of sea buckthorn juice.
After dinner I have my crafty time. I have only few hours per day for this. Starting around 19:00 till I get to bed. Curious to see, what I'm sewing? :) Read in my blog soon. :) Usually I sit on the couch, do my embroidery or surf in Etsy forum or blogs till 23:30 and then shower and bed.
I haven't bought bread from store about a year. I got a bread machine as Christmas present last year. When I'm busy, I make bread with the machine, otherwise I bake it myself with leaven. It's a bit after 23:00 and the bread is done. And I'm done too, time to bed :)
Thank you for spending this day with me.


  1. So lovely to meet Moonika here! It's great that you're an enthusiastic bread maker. And I can't wait to see how your new home looks like:)

  2. How nice to know a little about yourself and the things you do every day

  3. Beautiful feature. Thanks a lot for sharing one day with us kuut :)

  4. So nice to see your day, thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello Moonika, thanks for sharing your day with us! I am glad to hear you like office work :-)

  6. Heya! So great to spend this day with Moonika! :)

  7. Very nice to see more of you and your day Moonika!
    Happy weekend all!

    *waves to Heli, mwoah!*

  8. so lovely to meet you Moonika ! and lots of success for the new house !

  9. Great day to share with us, Moon. Love your office day which reminds me of mine a few years back. :) All the best for your new cosy house!

  10. Great to read about your day, moongirl! :)
    It's packed! How do you do it all? :)

  11. lovely to read about your day Moonika! I hope you move into your new house very soon !!
    and I was surprised to see the snow on the pictures!!!

  12. I've been to Estonia and it's a beautiful place. Your food photos are making me very hungry! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  13. :=) I enjoyed so much this trip to get you know better, Moonika. Thanks for sharing, sweet SuperHeli and you!