Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday is my day: Huismus

Hey, today we will have fun day with Simone from She will show how one of her days goes and take us to a flight to Madrid. Beside her flight attendant work she creates very pretty jewelry and crochets baby booties and her favorite colors are pink, turquoise and purple. I envy a little all the countries she is able to see and the breakfast making/cooking man she has... ;)
Please visit her etsy shop!
Earrings - Turquoise Copper - OOAK
by Huismus

Good friday everyone, my name is Simone and I live with Glen and our two kids -Skye and Levi- in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This sweetie is always the first thing I see when I wake up (just as blurry as in the picture, haha) Skye's an early bird and wakes us every day between 6:30 and 7:00. She crawls into bed with us and our day starts with talking, reading books and snoozing a bit for the first half hour. Levi has had really bad sleeping habits for the first 2 years of his life, well.. no habits at all actually ;-) but has turned into a lazy little boy over the last couple of months. We'll have to wake him and let him be for a bit so he can really wake up. I'll take a shower first, Glen gets the kids dressed, takes them downstairs and makes us breakfast.

When I come down my 3 sandwiches are made, with vitamine pills and coffee. Yay! This start makes the rest of my day so much easier.. I can't find words to say how much I appreciate this. Glen rocks :-)I'll have breakfast with the kids and then check Etsy - are there any sales? Convo's to reply? New treasuries? When I have time I check in on the teamthread and click on the recently listed items. I love that fullscreen mode and have to admit I'm getting a bit addicted :-) Oh, and I open Twitter, Blogger and Mail.

Today I have to work. I usually work on intercontinental flights but I'll be going on a 3 day European trip. First to Madrid this afternoon, Milan tomorrow and an Amsterdam-Paris-Amsterdam the next.While the kids are drawing and coloring I pop upstairs a few times to finish packing. After being a flight attendant for the past 10 years I can pack my suitcase in less than 10 minutes, ha!I cheat a bit as a lot of stuff stays in there like flipflops, toiletbag and some clothes I never seem to need..And of course I always take some yarn.

Around 9:30 the kids have a drink and biscuits in the garden. I'll have a second coffee, we play a bit, read books, and at 11:30 Levi's ready for bed again.I've also done some laundry, vacuumcleaning, dishwashing and taken the garbage out. There won't be any Huismus-time today unfortunately, I only have to ship a pair of booties.

Then Skye and I have some fruit and when she watches Diego (she loooves him!) I make some pictures.I hardly ever take my favorite macrolens off and the garden is full of beauty at the moment.Together with some neighbors we take care of a straycat we call 'Tuttebel' and she joins me.. she's the sweetest.We've made her a place to sleep in our garden and she comes in every morning and evening to have her food & drink. I seem to be good at that :-) We used to have cats but had to find them another place to live because of Skye's allergy. Like this we can take care of a cat without having one in the house. She wouldn't be happier indoors anyway, she loves it outside! When it's cold in winter we make her warmwater bottles, she's a real stray princess :)

Ok, lunchtime! A not so ordinairy one today, but you know what they say about airline food eh?So I switch lunch for dinner and take some sandwiches with me for later.I'll have it with Skye at my fav place in the back of our garden. Sun's out, we'll have a talk before I go. Good stuff!

2:00 -Glen's home! Yay! As soon as he comes in he goes straight to the kitchen and asks what we've had and what we want next. Always. No joke! I never ever cook..I'm good so he makes the kids and himself some rolls. Today he's early because I have to work, usually he's home at 6.Levi's up from his nap and very happy to see his dad home already.

At 3 pm it's time to go. I've put my funny suit on and drive to the airport. It takes about an hour and I make a complete fool out of myself by singing along -as loud as I can- with my favorite music.I don't wear my jacket in the car -and I think my boss should also be happy I don't, so that people won't recognize me as a blue bird :-)As I get there I park the car. Take the bus to the airport. Report for the flight. Put my suitcase on the cart. Get my daily allowance. Check my mailbox and get ready for the briefing in one of our new 'cubes' as we call them.It's a fun crew today and off we go. Byebye Amsterdam!

After getting everybody their food and drinks there's time for a short cockpit visit. Since 9-11 no passengers are allowed to get in so they really like us coming over for a chat and coffee.Check the meters; making a left tuuuuuurn!

In Madrid another crew takes over and we're taken to our hotel in town. I always text my mom as soon as we've landed. I know -I'm 41- but it makes her really happy! :-)I plan to sleep in a bit and do some shopping tomorrow before the flights MAD-AMS-MXP.

View from a room. I've seen many over the years and learned a couple of things;When the smoke alarm goes off; go downstairs! I never did and that's really-really stupid.Remove your bedspread, they're never washed, there must be an army of bedbugs in it.When something -ok, besides your phone- falls on the floor in between your bed and bedtable; leave it there. Everybody does.And when you put something in the rooms safe, put one of your shoes in there as well :-)

First thing I do when I'm in my room; check Mail.Glen always writes a full report of how things went at home. So fun. Keeps me connected when I'm at work, so I know what the kids are talking about when I'm back and he's at work again.And yes; after that I check Etsy again.. I'm as addicted as everybody else :-) Only then it's time for a shower and a good night sleep, bye!

Thanks and happy weekend!! xo


  1. So lovely to meet Simone ! And Glen is just like my hubby; always cooking.

  2. nice to meet you simone You have a lovely family too

  3. Such an exotic life, it really is wonderful to have such a supporting partner it wouldn't be possible other whise :)

  4. Simon, it's nice to know something about you ...
    you do a good job ... I like to be always on the go ... You have a lovely family too...


  5. Wow, this is so interesting and it's nice to know of your main career path, Simone. The next time I board KLM back to Singapore and fro, I will check whether your're going to be in the same flight. :)

  6. Thank you for sharing! You have an exciting life for sure!

  7. Wow! What an awesome Friday and an interesting person. I had no idea Simone was a flight attendant. I absolutely love this peek into her life, particularly as I spend a lot of time on airplanes and flight attendants make life easier for me when I'm on them. I love how wonderfully organized she is. Gorgeous photos and beautiful children. Thanks so much for sharing, Simone!

  8. How exciting to read about your life Simone.
    I start to dream about places I want to fly to. What an great cooking hubby.

  9. Hey Heli, thanks again.. I thought I read all your fridays but I ended up reading a few new ones the last couple of days.. so fun!

    Thanks for your comments..
    And about that 'shoe in the safe-part'.. you won't forget the stuff you've put in when there's one shoe missing eh? :-)

    Fab friday everyone! Groet! Simone

  10. You have a such an interesting life Simone, thanks for sharing with us and you too for this post heli:)))

  11. Your life is very exciting Simone! I'm so surprised you are a flight attendant! You are so lucky, your hubby is very supporting to you like mine:) Your children is lovely.

    Thank you Heli, another great Friday is my day !

  12. How I have missed these! Thanks for being back from holiday!
    Did you have fun?

  13. So before 9/11 passengers could go into the cockpit?
    Too bad I didn't know that, I would have loved to be able to take a look!

    Love the cat's name. ;-)

  14. Haha, I love your firday, Simone!
    You are so funny and I loved to comments about what you should and should not do in a hotel room!
    I was wondering about the shoe though so I'm glad you explained! LOL Makes perfectly sense to me!
    You're a darling & so is Heli! :)
    Happy weekend, girls!

  15. So nice to share a day with you Simone, it was definitely something different, interesting too! I remember when I was little the flight attendant asked if kids on the plane wanted to visit the cockpit and I got a chance to see it. It was exciting:) Oh, and I loved your tip for the rooms safe, so hilarious!


  16. ahhh, very enjoyable read .. It is wonderful to know something more about you Simone! I loved to read about your day and this was indeed an interesting and fun day, so great that even though you are away you can be connected to the kids & Glen. He's a total sweetheart huh?! big cooking man, that's great!

    I'm curious and perhaps a little dumb but why do you put only one shoe in the hotel safe? Is it to stink if someone opens the door?? te he he .. well, my shoe would make it stink!

    hugs and kisses to you Simone and Heli .. thanks for sharing!

  17. ahhh, i just read your comment about the shoe Simone .. i was way off with my smelly shoe thingy!!!!

  18. Ahhh.. what fun to spend the day with Simone! And boy - is she lucky with her Glen or what?! :)

  19. Cool to read about your day Simone, and cool to have a husband that can cook !! You made me laugh with your dos and don'ts in the hotel room!!!