Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday is my day:Birribe

Heja Sverige! Ah, so lovely! Britta from takes us to her beautiful summer house and show one of her days with full of creating. Britta is a textile artist and her Etsy shop is full of pretty pieces of textile art and jewelries. Don't forget to visit her shop after visiting her summer house first!

M y r t h. Screenprinted beige blue green purple ooak shawl
by birribe

I am Britta living in Sweden. This week I have left Stockholm for to spend some day´s in our summerhouse. Here I am with with my partner Gunnar.

I woke up around 8 o´clock. It is a cloudy but very warm day in August. We are eating breakfast outside of course, a bowl of yogurt with cereals and some strawberries and a cup of
tea. Our view from the breakfast table is adorable we are starring right out over the Baltic sea. I have been running around on this little tiny village every summer since childhood, I know every stone and path. I love to be here in my paradise of earth.
Earlier it was an fisher village, now a days mostly summer guests.

It´s always a lot to work with here, I´m cutting bushes and grass.This year it has been plenty of strawberries and I pick some of the last ones. I also pick some rhubarbs for to make an pie.


Time for a little lunch break, we are having some sandwiches, fruits and tea for me and coffee for Gunnar.


The rhubarb pie is ready and I was going to take a picture, but WWWWHAT someone already taken a bit, GGGGGGGGGGunnnar.........
A constructing project is going on we shall build an veranda and a steam shovel is here to make the ground. We are drinking coffee and rhubarb pie with the shovelman.


We take a walking trough the forest to the sandy beach.

I have been study art and crafts orientating towards textile. I have been lucky to work with that through my life.I never regret that choice it have not made me rich but happy. Of course I have had many times of moaning not earning enough money and working with boring job just for money.
I have my own little space for creating and other on going projects. I have a loom here and are weaving some rug carpets.
Some years ago I went to classes for to learn computer programs. I found it so fascinating and fun so if I had been younger I really wanted to make it to my profession.Here is my site Since I discovered Etsy I am even more addicted to the computer.
I have been outside all day now I really long for to connect the computer and see what is going on on etsy!!!!!

I start to make some moss bristles.

But first the dinner needs to be prepared.I am making an salad, tsatziki and Gunnar is boiling some fresh potatoes and fryeing some meat.
We are eating inside it have turned a bit cold and the ants are irritating.

Dinner is over and it´s ETSY time.
We have no telly here just an radio and lot s of books.
These evenings in August is going very dark, compared to June when its daylight all the time. I am looking out over the Baltic sea and thinking over there far away is Finland and the rest of Europe Good night to you al Dear friends it´s so nice to have meet you all.


  1. Wow, Britta, I love your summer house. It matches my idea of a childhood dreamhouse. Thank you for sharing your day!

  2. So good to see Britta spending her day! I so envy her for that summer house... :)

  3. It's so nice to see a bit more of you Britta! I was in love with your summer house allready and it seems you have a fun and loving time there.. enjoy the rest of august, it's sunshine and the outdoors, xo!

  4. Wonderful day and pictures, thanks for sharing Britta and Heli!

  5. Wow, I love your summer house, and it is nice to see how to do your work ...
    Thank you for sharing your day!


  6. Britta, so lovely your Summer House and so symphatic to know you a bit better!

  7. Nice post! Thank both of you so much for sharing!

  8. Britta, thank you for sharing your day! I love the photos and am curious to see the finish work of the carpet(?) on your weaving machine :)
    Thank you too, Heli!

  9. What beautiful pictures as I must say the loom is cool! Love it. Thanks for sharing your day with us. :)

  10. Hello Devi ,Glasfaden
    That weaving carpets is a slow ever going on
    thingie. Stay tuned and after some years I will show you. :)))

  11. How wonderful place you have by the Baltic Sea, I believe it is a heaven for two of you! I loved seeing you weaving and it made me want to set up my loom again. Enjoyed your day Britta! Tackar:)


  12. I love to see you there in your summer house Britta ! It reminds me a lot of the time hubby and I were living in Norway. And I envy your big weaving loom !

  13. How lovely! You seem like a lovely, sweet person, Britta and your home and surroundings look like a wonderful place to be :)

  14. Britta, what a wonderful life you lead--it is full of grace and discovery--thank you so much for sharing your day with us!

  15. Britta, what a lovely days you have. Now I can see how you enjoy spending time at your summerhouse! It looks superbeautiful out there and you seem like such a happy person. The pictures are all so beautiful & I'm impressed with the loom!
    Thank you Britta & Heli for sharing! :)

  16. Hej, Britta! Found your site. Why is it only in Swedish?

  17. It so wonderful life Brita and thank you for sharing:)

  18. This was lovely to read, what an amazing day!!!

  19. So great to read! Verkligen jätte vackert sommar ställe! thanks for sharing

  20. I look forward to see it, Britta :) I'm sure, it'll be a gorgeous carpet!

  21. Such an interesting life - and very different to mine in the UK. Thank you for sharing with us!

  22. Thank you, that I saw your day