Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday is my day: JaneBoFelt

Hello and good Friday to all! Today we will fly to Moscow, Russia and meet Jane from JaneBoFelt. She makes very beautiful felted accessories; scarves, brooches, necklaces, hats...I think you should visit her shop after this flight :)

(click any photo to go to the shop)

Hello! My name is Jane. I live in Moscow, Russia. Two years ago I discovered felting technique and now I’m making felted accessories and cloths. And since January I start to sell my items on Etsy.
I’m mother of 2years 9months old son and my days are almost the same but I really like this.
Usually I wake up at 7-00. It takes me 15 minute to go to shower and then I go to wake my son up. He is so sweet when sleeping. But we have to bring him to kindergarden till 8-30... He wake up quickly and go to say “morning” to his toys –

Today hubby bring my son to kindergarden and I stay at home alone and have breakfast. It’s big cup of green tea, bread with cheese and youghurt. Today I add big almond cake).

It’s not good but usually I eat breakfast in front of computer – checking Etsy, mails, news.
And then I’m ready to do some work. Yesterday I felted hat and now I take photo to send it to customer. Here, near light wall I make most of my photos (when I can not make it outside).

Ok, done, picture was sent to customer, hope she likes it. And it’s not all, she ordered the scarf as well! Summer here is not long (2.5-3 months) so people prepare for winter, I think:).We (me, hubby, our son) are living on the 14th floor of big house. Our flat is not big, so I make my felted projects on big table in the kitchen, it’s my workplace –

It takes time to do the scarf, time is passing and at 14 o’clock I’m hungry and prepare dinner for myself - some simple – “grechka” - buckwheat (I found this word in vocabulary, I heard that this “kasha” is popular only in Russia, it may be grown only in cold climate, it’s very healthy), cheese again ( I love it!), tomato and greens.

And you see, I’m again eating near computer... I’m checking mail, Etsy, my Russian shop, blog, Flickr, etc.After dinner I need to rest from felting the scarf . Look at my new projects – some felted and crocheted jewerly –

I usually have several project in progress – begin something new when I have got the idea and don’t finish previousJ. I must be more organized).Today I have not to go to PO (it’s bad) and to buy food (it’s well) so I’m working at home till 16-00. Before going out I look at the room, almost all is in order besides too many toys –

And I go to pick my son from kindergarden. The weather is fine and after this we go for a walk. There is big park (we call it ”small forest”) not far from our house

After short walking we go by metro (it’s near our house too) three station and we are on the outskirts of Moscow. My son by bike and I running after him by foot, we reach the place where we are hope to live soon, this will be our future house –

I hope in this house I’ll have my own studil for felting. Today hubby has spare day and he’s working there (now he’s going to make roof). And this is our “banya”- Russian sauna –

At 20-00 we come back home, having supper all together and then I go to put my son to bed. At 22-00 he is sweetly sleeping and we have calm time. This is the view from our window –

I want to edit some pictures before going to bed

At 23-30 my eyes are close and I go to bed. Friday is over. It’ll be Saturday today, we have not to go to kindergarden, job and we’ll rest all the day.


  1. So sweet! Thank both of you for sharing!

  2. Thankk you so much Heli for this superlovely post.

    Jane, I'm so happy to read about your day! I love your crochet/felt jewellery projects on the picture. And what a lovely house you're building!!!

  3. It's nice to read about your day Jane, thank you for sharing:)

  4. Jane its really so great to read about you !!
    Your future house to be looks beautiful and I wish you ave your studio in there.
    I also like your cute son !!
    Thank you both for the great post :)

  5. Yeah! Jane this time. What fun!
    And the new house looks super, wow!

  6. Thank you, Heli! Thank you all for your comments!

  7. hello Moscow!
    Jane, your son is so cute!
    Your hubby is buliding the house by himself? wow?

    I enjoyed your day!

  8. Great to get to know Jane here ! What a lovely house you are building !!

  9. Great day!. I love her works :)

  10. Great read!It's so nice to know Jane better!Thanks for sharing her day with us :)

  11. Jane, that is going to be a wonderful new home when you move in! I loved reading about your day and seeing more pictures of your sweet boy!

  12. Jane is so beautiful! Loved reading about her day!