Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday is my day: LaTouchables

Today we will travel to sunny Germany and meet bag&pouch maker Dawn from LaTouchables. She makes very pretty and colorful bags you can't find anywhere else. And why is that everybody else has a cute cat or doggie except me?
(click any photo to go to the shop)

Hi, my name is Dawn, and I live in the provences in one of the most beautiful regions of Southern Germany, the Rhine Valley, between the Palatine (close to Alsace, France) and Kraichgau (rolling hills to the east). This region is famous for it’s Rieslings and white asparagus.

Okay, in my life no two days are the same, so I take a bit of each day to be ‘my day’.

During the week, I get up at 6:00, an ungodly hour, and prepare my coffee and breakfast to have at the computer while my husband has ‘five more minutes’ of sleep.

Then I get ready for work. Three or four mornings a week, I travel to the city to teach English to some companies.

Meeting with students allows me to retain my social skills. Without the possibility of routinely correcting people’s grammar, I might be a bit odd.

I usually get home in time to inhale a late lunch, today a salad and bread.

Around now, my cat wakes up and talks to me, soaking up a little sun.

This is my sofa, a very enchanting place.

This is where I do most of my photo-shoots, next to the garden house.

My mom asked me if people might think I’m a bit odd modeling my bag with the cow’s skull. Hmmm…maybe she is right…it might be a whole lot easier to sell the cow’s skull without the bag.

Today, my niece is coming over, and we begin our photo-shoot in Great-Great Oma’s sitting room with the original wallpaper of a couple of lifetimes ago. First we pose next to the window, but not before we’ve removed all the ancestors from the wall.

Then I say, ‘Hey Sweety, put this doily on your head.’ Point and shoot. She is so delightful to work with, but very busy and hard to catch!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been renovating my studio, and this is during…

…and this is today…

…where I have a dozen different things going on, so I’ll work until my husband comes home…

I love warm dinners, so tonight we’re having Moroccan meatballs, fried potatoes, German style, green beans, and a radish salad.

After another visit to the computer, I fall into bed at around 11 pm.

As I said, each day is different, but the two constants are plenty of coffee and my cat. And my husband, of course, who more closely resembles Daniel Craig!


  1. What perfect days! I should get a job like that too. My social skills are quickly fading...

  2. Thank you for this post! Dawn looks very happy here and her day is so lovely)

  3. I think this day sounds so nice! Loved this little peek into her life of creativity!
    ~emily xx

  4. So sweet! Thank both of you for sharing!

  5. Lovely diary!
    Nice to read someone is getting up at the same time I do ;-)

  6. a wonderful read .. I love Dawn's work, very talented lady! Her photographs are always beautiful and now she has another hot model! Thanks for sharing this peek into your life Dawn and thanks Heli :D

    btw .. your garden looks very peaceful !

  7. Thank you for sharing your day, Dawn! So nice to learn more about you!

  8. What a wonderful read again! Dawns cat looks so knowingly ... :)

  9. that's food looks delicious! Nice to see you in person Dawn:)

  10. Thanks Heli and Everyone! I can't wait to read about one of you, next!

  11. I love looking at Dawn's shop -- her pictures are so engaging. And now a bonus: looking into her life!
    P.S. I was especially taken by the food. Looks yummmmmmyyyyy.

  12. I love your garden...can I camp there? :-) Also, your new studio looks fantastic!
    Thanks, it was a refreshing journy to Dawn's days.

  13. Ooohhh, she's so funny! Loved another Friday is my Day :D

  14. great read and so nice to see "LaTouch" in real life !

  15. This day sounds very nice :) Thanks for sharing and letting to know you better! :)

  16. What a fun day to see! I just love your garden! And The food looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Oh this was SOOO much fun to read! I loved being a "part" of your day, Dawn. My only regret is that you didn't also include recipes! I'm salivating!!!

  18. WOW !! I found her very funny woman and I also loved her garden!!