Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday is my day: Vadjutka

Jeeee! I am excited! Today we will travel to Budapest, Hungary the city I have always wanted to visit. And our guide today is Judit from who makes very creative and beautiful jewelries with very pretty photos.
C'oon, let's go already :)
yellow, orange, pink and baby blue colors on chain
by vadjutka

Hey All,
It is me, Judit Wild. I live in Budapest, capital of Hungary. Budapest has two sides Buda and Pest: they are devided by our river, the Danube. I live on the Buda side, which is considerd the "posh" part of our city :-).
I live in my small - 32 square meters - flat; on 15th May it will be exactly 3 years since I moved in. I have a part time job: media analyst for the Public Service Radio (state radio), besides that I have a little ongoing research project at another workplace.
These photos are about my Thursday, which is usually "my day" or better say "jewelry-making Thursday", but on Wednesday my boss told me to come to a very important meeting on "my day". So here we go...

7.30Alarm (my mobile) rings. Back to sleep.

8.00Good morning! After half an hour of struggling I get up, try to open my eyes, wash my teeth and have a shower.
8.30After dressing up I make my cappucino and sandwich. I cannot imagine my mornings without my cappucino - I am very good in this! Checking e-mails, my etsy shop and a little chat with my friends in the EST forum.

9.30Hurryyyyy! I am late! I have so many things to do today, I have to run!

9.45Pfffff, it is raining! Lousy, lousy weather! While waiting for the tram at the station, I look for my umbrella in my bag.

10.25Arriving to the not-so-posh part of Buda, where I will get my boxes for my jewelry! I ordered some boxes a month ago, and now they are ready. This part of Budapest is not among my favourites: it is full of block houses, built in the 70s. On the photo you see the ruins from the era of the Roman Empire surrounded by block houses.

10.45YAY, my boxes are here...and it is cheaper this way, than my previous boxes.

11.00On the way back, a quick glimpse at my former elementary school. (On the photo it is under the white curtain.) It was a school for 200 years - my father, and his father attended this school as well -, but now it is going to be an office. I am sad about it, but it is better for the building to use it as an office, than to remain empty like it was in the last few years.

11.10A quick walk on Margaret Bridge: to show you the Danube and the building of the Parliament. We are heading from Buda to Pest now. And still raining....

11.15 I am hungry! I am having an early lunch: a schwarma at a Turkish restaurant. Budapest is packed with these types of restaurants. And this particular one is the best in town!

12.00Arriving to my workplace, the State Radio. OK, let's jump into that very important meeting!

17.00 After work I visit the tailor (he is a cute guy): yesterday I bought a pair of jeans on a sale, but it is long a bit.

17.15 YAY! My freebies are done: meeting with the freebie-maker guy. I decided to give freebies with my jewelry a year ago :-), but I did not have any idea....untill last month. It is still a surprise, though I can tell you, that it has to do something with my travel-photos.

17.30 I am hungry again! On the way to the tram I have a croissant and a hot chocolate.

17.45 Travelling and travelling on the - almost - new tram. This tram takes me back to Buda, where I have to go in a shopping mall...brrrr.

18.00I want to buy new ribbons for my new boxes....I cant choose. In the end I buy a big pack of pink raffia.

18.30 After running throughout the whole day I relax a bit in a bookstore while purchasing a map for future hikings.

20.00 Finally Ohmmmmmmmm! I arrive to my yoga class: this is Reka, my friend and yoga teacher...and she is going to have a baby in the autumn!!

22.30Arriving home....relaxed, but exhausted. I have a miso soup for dinner, and a toast with corn and blue cheese....and then.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thanks Heli for the invitation: it was so much fun! xxx


  1. I enjoed the post...!!!! Vad is ver talented...bravo for the featuring!!!

  2. wow, this is a busy lady! I love these exposes! The photo of the ribbons is so delightful!
    ~Emily xx

  3. always very interesting to peek in everyone's life :)

  4. Ohmmmmmmmmm, what a fun to read about you Judit!:) thank you for sharing and for this post also heli!:)

  5. oooh, how nice to learn more about Judi't day, very curious for the new freebies!!!!

  6. Thank you so much for a fun read during my morning coffee :-D

  7. what a fun read .. It's great to know more about Judit! Buda and Pest .. that's funny .. what a great city you live in!

    Love your work area .. looks so well ordered!!

    thanks for sharing Judit and Heli :-)

  8. fabulous! i've always wanted to visit budapest so this little peek was a real treat!

  9. Thanks for bringing me back to Budapest Vadjutka! If I will ever return I will for sure visit that Turkish restaurant!!! Schwarma looks yummmmmeeeeeee.. even in the

  10. Thanks so much for the mini-holiday Vad! Budapest is definitely a place I want to visit!

  11. great read ! so lovely to get to know Judith a bit better !

  12. I love your Friday posts! Vad is a wonderful story-teller, too!

  13. What a great feature, you live in a beautiful city full of history Judit! Oh, and I'll consult you next time I need gift boxes:)


  14. Wow, busy lady you are! Rushing from one place to the other! I loved spending the day with you! Hope we can meet in real some time in future! :) Oh, and now I want a freebie of course! ;)

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  20. Its great to learn more about Judit's life.The restaurant she says its like our greek's souvlaki!!

  21. What a busy day you have Judit! Love your work and photos so much!