Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday is my day: Sigmosaics

Yey! Today we will ride to sunny Portugal and meet sweet Kerrin from and her cute 3 little "musketeers". She makes, as you can guess, beautiful mosaic works from Portuguese ceramic tiles and found pieces of ceramic, stones, gems, mirror, glass...

Please visit her Etsy shop!

(click any photo to enter the shop)

Well hello there .. I'm Kerrin. I'm a kiwi girl who has lived in Portugal for the past 7 years .. I'm 'mummy' to 3 wonderful children and well, here's my friday ..

Arrrrrgh, it's 7am and the sweet dulcet tones of my inbuilt etsy alarm clock goes off in my head (don't you have the same one? .. you know, it's been 7 or 8 hours since the last etsy fix and all)

I sneak downstairs (REALLY I do) and look forward to my half hour of 'etsy' time alone .. just me and the laptop .. oh and my BIG mug of coffee. So while the coffee perks in the machine I jump into Etsy feet first! Swing by the EST thread (gotta say hi to the team), check and see if any miracles have occured overnight .. sigh .. nothing today, then read wonderful convo's from gorgeous people all over the world (LOVE that part) .. have a quick check of my emails ..

Pitter patter .. pitter patter .. here comes a sleepy 3 year old girl .. BIG good morning cuddles and kisses, followed soon after by her 5 year old brother and then as per usual I have to go and wake his twin sister!!!!

'Mummy we are hungry!!!' 8.15am ('ish) we make the breakfast, we're a toast family .. I usually have my 2nd cup of coffee right about now (I have breakfast once I get back from dropping the kids at the kindy) .. oh and that's MY coffee alongside their toast (I usually grab the huge and enormous Noddy cup .. )

8.45am 'Are you dressed yet?' .. 'where are your shoes?' .. ' Get your pants on!' .. 'NO, put your undies on first!!!' .. all of this screamed out whilst showering.
9.00am ('ish) we are buckled up in our car seats and ready to go.

Everybody say 'bye house' .. 'BYE HOUSE' !!!

Kindy is a 5 minute drive up the road .. yay! This is us driving up the road .. good thing there are no police around this morning cause i'm driving like a mad crazy thing trying to take photo's at the same time!

Bye bye my dears .. now it's time to get the bread! Every single morning I go to our local cafe to buy the yummy freshly baked bread .. no i don't own a bread maker, that's just wishful thinking.

On the way back down the hill I notice an elderly woman doing her laundry at one of the public 'laundry' areas (yes, they do exist here and yes, there are people that use them) .. I notice she's got her bottle of wine lined up next to her washing powder (go figure) .. I've slowed to a stop to take this photo and she doesn't see me.

Home again .. usual time consuming and mundane chores to be done before I can get to do my work! No, i don't have a cleaner .. again wishful thinking!

Finally I have my time .. I am looking at the pile of new dishes and bowls that are just screaming to be mosaic'd and rub my hands together in glee ...

12.15pm and my tummy begins to rumble. Today my 5 year old daughter prepared me lunch because she knew I would be taking a photo of my lunch today .. she made me a pot of french fries AND a fried chicken leg .. ooh, it looks so much yummier than my cheese and tomato sandwich! I've sneaked a few treats from the kids lolly basket .. ha ha!

I have a bit of time to continue to chip away at a very long 'work in progress' project .. (and yep, another coffee .. with Noddy .. )

Today there's no time to grout any new pieces it's already kindy pick up time! (for the month of June they finish at 1.30pm) so i'm grabbing the keys and racing out the door to shoot up the road to get the kids.

Play time .. YAY! Anyone for a game of hide and seek?

OOoooooooh, family portrait time ..everybody say cheese ...

Would you like to meet my friend? His name is Henry and he's my octopus .. I made him around 3 years ago to adorn the wall beside the BBQ ..

Jeepers, it's crept up to 5.30 pm and that means inside time and dinner preparation time (and of course a quick Etsy check in time) .. ha ha .. go on admit it, you are as addicted as I am!

6.30pm .. I'm a HUGE fan of one pot (or in this case tonight, one pan) cooking .. so we are having a Fritatta with salad .. sooooooo easy and yummy!

7.15pm .. quick quick quick .. get those rascals upstair for a soak in the bath, scrubbed, out .. into Pj's .. read stories and now .. te he he .. they can have 1/2 an hour of watching 'Winx' while I have a quick chat with the gals (and occasional boys) on the thread ..

Time to brush your teeth kiddies!!! 'bathroom now!'

And now my 3 darlings have a little message they would like to share with you ...

8.30pm-9pm kids are sleeping .. yay!
9pm to midnight ('ish) it's my time to work, to catch up on emails, convo's, news, read the online New Zealand newspaper, chat with friends etc .. try to chip away at another mosaic project
Around midnight .. bedtime. Always without fail (I guess only because I don't have a man in my life at the moment ha ha!!) I read upon going to bed .. 2 minutes or 2 hours, it doesn't matter, reading my books is my way of unwinding from the day!!


  1. How sweet! Thank both of you so much for sharing!

  2. Wonderful! I love the fact that there are still public laundry areas in use. I'm such a traditionalist. And now, I'm going to try that frittata with tomatoes. I always do courgettes in mine.

  3. This is so cute and very beautiful of Kerrin and the 3 musketeers' Friday lives. Henry is a definite piece of art!

  4. I love to read your day Kerrin, it's so normal like me, you know what I mean? Kids, cleanning, sneak to etsy and plays lots lots of play!:))))and I want that fritata recipe please....
    Give my Big Hugs to your little angels Kerrin!:)

  5. Oooooh, your kids look so cute!! Lined up to brush their teeth, ha! Lovely post, it's so nice to see you! :-)

    Thanks to both of you for this lovely read while sipping my coffee.. xo

  6. fab to see your day Kerrin! and cute kiddies :)

  7. A perfect day! Thanks for the smile :-D

  8. Yay! I always enjoy these features so much! :) Kerrin is sweet and her kids are adorable! Tell them a big "Hi" and give them tons of hugs from their online friends :)

  9. Thank you both for sharing :) It's quite interesting and informative. I looove Fritatta, btw :D

  10. Such a lovely day, sweet kids and Henry is gorgeous!

  11. another enjoyable read! very cute kids, kerrin. and a very tempting orange chicken leg -- where's the recipe?

  12. Oh! How lovely to read about your days. And, your children are just adorable...

  13. great to see you here Kerrin, and you have such lovely kids ! Look at that last picture, so sweet !

  14. Hi Kerrin! So lovely kids!
    I'd love to have a coffee where you buy the bread - looks like the perfect cafe around the corner.
    Enjoyed your day!

  15. What an excellent post, I love this. Makes me feel like I'm there :)
    The kids look great, so happy in the last photo especially. I bet they loved seeing themselves on the interweb!

  16. cute kids!
    And it's always lovely to see how other EST members live :)

  17. What darling little kiddies!! It's so nice to put a face with a name too :) I love your daily activities as they are very similar to mine. The laundry photo is too funny!

    I love your work and am so looking forward to purchasing more! Hugs!

  18. cute kids,i hug you back :)

    lovely day lovely post and a big HI Sigmo :)

  19. see, i'd have that first quiet cup of coffee too if only the dern coffe machine wouldn't wake up the goslings...don't know why watching me click away on the laptop is more interesting than dreamy land. LOVED peeking over your shoulder like this, Kerrin. you ARE as captivating as you seem.

  20. it's so nice to meet you and your kids, Kerrin!

  21. oooh, I was about to ask, how do you manage with 3 kids! but I have to ask that myself, LOL!
    so fun and great to read about your day Kerrin!!!

  22. Kerrin, what a wonderful day, utterly beautiful children, yummy food--a lovely environment in every way! I loved hearing about and seeing pictures of your life--an enchanting Friday!

  23. Wonderful day! Kerrin, your kids are so cute, your works are very beautiful! Thank you, Heli, for sharong!

  24. Great read and pictures! And the lunch looked yummy, especially the french fries;)

    Have a lovely weekend guys!


  25. Oh sweet Kerrin, you're such an incredible energetic and wonderful woman and mommy! Your kiddies are superlucky to have you as their mommy & I bet you are superlucky too to have such beautiful, lovely kiddies!
    I loved seeing the bowls and plates all lined up! You sure have many projects in mind! And that flower mosaic already looks incredible!
    Halfway through, I felt like popping over to your home and have a cup of coffee with you! ;)
    Thanks for sharing your day, dear!
    Big hugs for Heli too!!!!

  26. :) Hello Kerrin... you have wonderful family and it was lovely to meet you all... :)

  27. Oh such a great post! It´s so wonderful to see these pics and know a bit of your day by day, Kerrin!

    Big hugs dear! :)

  28. Thanks for sharing your day! I love your house! And you have super cute kids.

  29. This is so cool Kerrin!! I would have commented sooner, but I just discovered it.

    Judy graffiti2.etsy

    I put up a new blog post today, too.

  30. I just loved reading about you and your kids!!! Great family!!!

  31. kerrin-- i can't believe you managed to document so many things in your day-- i felt like i was right there spending the day with you and the kids! how beautiful to see you and your sweet family, and your work in progress--

    all of it wonderful!!( and yes that fritata looks delectable!)

  32. Your kids are sooo beautiful and I can surely say that you are a SUPER power mom as much as you are a SUPER power artist :)

  33. I loved loved loved loved Sig's day!
    Such sweet kids.... I can't wait for Saturday is our day, yes we are going to meet tomorrow!!!!

  34. Beautiful day!, Pleased to meet you a bit. We are very near, I live in Vigo! :)

  35. Lovely, lovely story! Lovely Kerrin!