Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friday is my day: Jealousydesign

Hej allihopa! Today we will jump to Sweden and meet Carita from Jealousydesign. She is a jewellery designer who likes to use silver and gems and lately we have seen some natural materials like lava and coral placed on the ring. All her designs are very original. Please peek to her Etsy shop after this visit.
(click any picture to go to the shop)
I wake up… Just ask anyone who knows me; you don’t want to meet me yet.
I am having a really bad morning mood so:

Hello! Nice to see you and welcome to my Friday!
Time to feed my cute little cat (the big cat is outside and hanging out with friends)

our little lizard have just wake up and waiting for some fresh vegetables for breakfast.

time for a tea break and some breakfast (yep I know it is afternoon)

When I having my tea break I also logging in to Etsy and say Hi to all in the wonderful people in the European street team. And of course I must log in and check out what happened in twitter world.

The computer isn’t standing on its regular place so it looks more messy around here than usual (yeah right)

now I really should do some work and also clean up my studio,

This area I don’t use much at all anymore and should clean it up and get room for other things…
But after all it is Friday today and I feel that I need some inspiration, so I go out and take a walk in the enchanted forest we live in:

I just love this forest, I always finds new things to look at.
Now I really have inspiration to do some work in my studio

Today’s work is some different things, some rings; a necklace and I need to drill and polish some new lava stones... (Nope; I will not show any bigger photos of my messy studio)

time to stop the work and get ready to pick up my boyfriend at the train station, he is coming home early from work on Fridays.
7pm ready to go:

Ok, ok I didn’t take this photo at home took it at my grandmothers yesterday but hey; I am in a hurry now!
7:15pm on the road…..

finally back home, had to do some food shopping on the way.
9:30 Dinner time:

Yes, we always have lightened candles when we eat.
after some chilling in front of the TV I need to sew together some new wood boxes that my boyfriend has made; it is in these I ship my jewelry:

done with the sewing and now I need to catch up in the virtual world, and also edit some of the photos I took earlier this week.
, just like always I work best and are most creative at night but today I decided not to go back to the studio so I will do some sketches of both art and some jewelry designs I have in my mind.
I need to get up early in the morning so I will say good night now!

Thank you Helis for asking me to do this and Thanks for following me on my Friday :)


  1. Oh! I so wish I could see a bigger version of that one photo. The one with all that little things on the wall! :)
    But again - a joy to visit our team mates! *waves to Jealousy*

  2. Great post Heli!!!!
    Jealousy is very talented!
    Glad to know more...:)

  3. Loved to read this post.
    Yes, I'm also curious what's in all these little bags on the wall of J's studio.
    Thnask Heli!

  4. xaxaxaxaxa we all want to see more closer the little bags in the wall!
    Great Post, so nice to know more things about Jealousy's life!

  5. So cool to learn to know your better jealousy! Your workroom looks sooo organised! And that forest is amazing!!!! and so are those wooden jewelry boxes, very beautiful!

  6. Oh woww! A new fresh look in your blog, Heli - I like it :)
    Carita, I really enjoy reading your day! Great photos too. Your studio looks so great and well organized. Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Nice to read about Jealousy!! You are fortunate to live in an enchanted forest :D I'd also like a close up to see the 'things' on the wall .. am guessing supplies and WOW!

    Thanks for sharing Carita and Heli!

  8. Great to read a bit more about you.
    Thanks for sharing! Love your cat! :)

  9. Hello Carita, nice to see you:)))
    Lovely to read about your day and you lives in a amazing place!
    always is a great post heli!:)

  10. o i love those stitched boxes and i love that tiger kitty !!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you for showing us your day Carita !!!!

  11. Wow, another great post, Heli.
    Carita is indeed very pretty and talented. I like her cat too.
    Thank u so much for sharing with us Carita and Heli.

  12. Great peek in Carita's friday, thank you for sharing!

  13. Wow! What a studio! I love it! I want one too! LOL! Great feature!

  14. great read ! Love the cat posure at the end !

  15. Lovely Friday posting, thanks for letting us take a look at your day Carita. You have inspiring surroundings right by the door step. And your daily schedule looks so much like mine;)


  16. LOL! The little bags on the wall are beads, all kind of freshwater pearls and glass and wood beads. The other supplies isnt showing at the photo.

    Thank you for the comments and thanks again Helis for asking me to do this, it was fun :)

  17. wow, your studio look like a boutique and I adore your kitty. I am hoping to get one soon. My fiancé and I cats. (=^-^=)

  18. How great to meet you and your mini-zoo. Lovely day and Renate is right - we need to see the picture with all that little things on the wall much much bigger! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Thanks for sharing, Jealousy! and Heli, great post as always :) You rock, girl :)

  20. This is such a fun feature, Helis. It's nice to see a snippet of Carita's world. I'm so envious of the beautiful forest where she calls home.. and that studio space!!! Lucky girl. Thanks to you both for putting this together and sharing with the rest of us. :)

  21. Beautiful story to read and what a cute little kitten!!!

  22. Uh :) I'm jealous!! :) Your workroom is fantastic!! and you're a great artish! Wonderful day, thank you for sharing it.