Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday is my day: Vivianne Galli

Remember when I found the well hugged looking Circus elephants by Vivianne Galli? Well, right after I had to ask her to join Friday is my day, just because I am sooo curious and because I love her little hairy friends. So let's travel to Netherlands and take a peek on Vivianne's day.
And after that you can go and lose your heart at her etsy shop :)
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Good morning !It's about 8.30 and my husband Remco and our daughter Roos just left the house, he's the one bringing her to school every morning and I'm the one trying to get the two little ones in our house washed, dressed and ready for school. Remco always helps out besides getting him self ready for work. This particular morning, our son Robin had a school's day-off so he didn't need to be taken there, so me and Robin were taking it easy .... With the PJ's still comfy and warm, no hurries to get dressed quickly :-)

Today is a Wednesday and this will be "my day on Friday". My name is Inge Vivianne Galli, living together with Remco and our 4 year old daughter Roos, 2 year old son Robin, a very old dog called Morris and three cats.After waving my sweethearts goodbye, one of our cats.

Molly is eager to get in, i totally see my first opening photo opportunity here. I'm running to get the camera, so Molly needs to wait a bit, but she doesn't like it and that shows on her face!

I have a few nice household chores, so i gave Robin a jigsaw puzzle to keep him busy for a little while. He's a real puzzle wizard!

Running through the house kind of fast, cleaning up a bit and opening the windows for some nice fresh air! Unfortunately there's no spring in it just yet.Also rushing to take the garbage out, the garbage-men have the nasty habit of coming early when I'm late.

Starting to get time for a break now. When giving my little boy a hug, i notice that coffee needs to wait, because there's a certain smell hinting that I need to really .. really .. really.. need to change a diaper first ! While I'm at it, i decided to put some clothes on the little boy as well.

OK, time for coffee !!! Robin found something to play with again so I've a spare moment for reading email and peeking a bit at my Etsy shop and visiting a few blogs, see whats new. I use the small laptop on the kitchen table so I won't need to go upstairs.

In the mean time Robin is entertaining me on the guitar, my little puzzle wizard is a musical genius as well :-)

Need to make two little Ellie's ready to be shipped today, will have to wait until this afternoon cause laundry is waiting to be hanged :-)

Won't have time to work on any little mohair friends so my beloved Froggy needs to wait a bit longer for a new friend to come!

While I'm sorting and storing the laundry, Robin is letting me have a listen to his first early version of his new No.1 hit record .... Rockin' Robin !

Our laundry spot :-)

And out comes Rikkie, the washing machine must have woken him up ! He likes to take his naps somewhere in the Laundry area ! Rikkie is famous for being in front of the camera when he's not suppose to be :-)

While I'm doing dishes in our kitchen

Robin is cleaning the rest of our house firmly and of course he tells me how it's done!!

Time to take the dog for a walk ! Our 18 year old youngster needs a pee or two :-) He's not to happy with the weather as well!

Heading back home again as it's about time to pick up Roos from school so we are about to jump in my little car. Robin always falls a sleep during this "5 minute" rides to school, I'm sure he will do so again today :-)

Lunch time ! Roos and Robin really wanted to eat their lunch in front of the telly, watching their favorite called "Wallace and Gromit". Well, thats completely fine with me since I need the table anyway to wrap up the two tiny Elephants.

While wrapping my Ellie's Roos and Robin got pretty wild and started changing into little prince and princesses ! That means time for fruits to get some extra energy in. After all they need to be fit helping me getting the parcels to the post office :-)

It's almost 18.00 when we arrived home again, and we've got "Goulash" for dinner (i've hungarian roots, you know :-)
actually it's a leftover from yesterday, so luckily for mommy there's no cooking to be done today, yay ! Just gonna read the little ones a story instead until Remco comes home from work.

After dinner we tucked the kids in bed, and about 20.30 we're having time for ourselfs again. I took a shower and went upstairs to write this report and I finished it around 3 o'clock, phew. I've no idea how on earth I will be able to wake up in about four hours from now ....Just adding one last pic and then I'm of to bed, Remco is having a really bad cold and will probably stay in bed tomorrow so I will have to be the one bringing both kids to school.I sincerely hope you've enjoyed taking a glimpse at our lives over here in the Netherlands.

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One last picture, Thank you so very much Heli!

Wishing all readers a wonderful weekend !

Vivianne & Family


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