Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday is my day: Aranwen

Last week we were in Netherlands but it's so cold up there so let's go to Greece and hope for sunny, warm spring days and meet Vicky from Aranwen. She makes amazing Steampunk, Victorian and Gothic style jewelry. Enjoy your tour in Athens :)
(click any picture to go to her etsy shop)
by Aranwen

Hi everyone! My name is Vicky, I live in Athens, Greece and I'll be your host this Friday :) I will take you with me in everything I do, and I hope you have fun!

9am: I wake up. Probably the best thing in working for myself, no early mornings! First thing I do is turn on my computer and make some coffee while it boots up. I use all milk instead of water in my coffee, makes it sweeter and is healthier too :) Two teaspoons of sugar for an energy boost and off to check Etsy!

It's always very satisfying to find orders and conversations waiting in my inbox, and I rush to take care of it all. Customers can't wait! I don't forget to greet the lovely EST people and check their numerous treasuries and gorgeous listings -their creativity never ceases to amaze me :)

Around noon, I get to work. I usually work throughout the day with breaks in between to rest my eyes and get away from the glue fumes. I love my little creative corner and I constantly try to organize it better and better. The sunlight comes in from the window and assists me with its brightness and heat :)

2pm: Time for lunch. Living at home has its advantages; my mother does most of the cooking and I do most of the eating :) Juicy steak and yummy fries, one of my favourites!

I love pool, it's one of my favourite games even though I haven't played much the last few years. I do play online though very often, whenever I need a few minutes' break -or I'm too lazy to do something else :)

Later in the afternoon I go back to work, and scratch my head for new ideas and designs. Sadly you can't force those things! Post offices are closed on Saturdays in Greece, so Friday is usually my "day off" since I don't have any urgent shipments for the next day. So I usually work less than the other days.

Most of the times I work on several designs at the same time. I get distracted easily while looking through my supplies, there's always some new idea popping in my head when I look at something new, that I might or might not pursue at the given moment. So I occupy my brain with numerous different things to stay interested. Set one stone on this necklace, glue a stamping on that bracelet, make the finishing touches on another choker etc. I never finish one item straight :)

6.30pm: The sun is setting, somewhere behind thousands of rooftops. This is my favourite time of the day, I love the twilight and how everything turns to shades of blue. Adds a bit of romance to the world :) Time to get dressed and go meet my friends for evening coffee!

Afternoon/evening coffee is kind of a Greek tradition. It's our way of relaxing and catching up with friends, after work or school. Coffee places are always swarmed with people, snuggled inside during the winter and hanging outside in summertime. P.S: I myself don't smoke, despite the lighter and cigarettes in the photo :)

9pm: I return home, and it's time for dinner. I prepare my favourite salad, with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, olives and tuna. Plenty of olive oil and vinegar and voila! It's very yummy, light and healthy! And at the same time it will get you so full you won't need anything else for dinner.

10.30pm: Getting ready for a night out with my friends, facing the usual dilemma.. "What should I wear??" My closet is a huge black mess that I can never find anything in. I used the camera's flash in this photo, that's why you can actually make out some of the clothes.

11.30pm: In the bus, going downtown, my friend playing around with his camera as usual. The night is still young and the fun has just begun! :)

Thank you very much Heli for this lovely feature! I hope you and your readers had a good time following me around during my Friday :)


  1. I am very happy to see that in Heli's Friday there is a friend !Vicky from Greece !!Great moments too familiar for me !!
    Thank you Heli for another one great Friday morning and Vivky who shared her day with us ♥

  2. thank you so much for sharing one day of one of my favorite artist Aranwen

  3. I love firday's, Heli! Thanks for sharing your day with us, Vicki! Now I crave some yummy salad! :)

  4. Nice to read about your day Vicky!
    And the food look yummy too:)

  5. I enjoyed my day with Vicky! Unfortunately, I'm craving fries now ... :)

  6. Thanks for an other great beginning to my friday!

  7. thanks for sharing your day Vicky! ooh, look at all your pretty beads!

  8. oh wow, that was wonderful to read! I loved the lunch your mum cooked (mmmmh) and then the healthy salad!! I loved to play pool heaps a few years back (on big tables though LOL) .. and I think you have a wonderful time on your fridays!

    It's funny, I had pictured you somehow different .. you are very beautiful indeed!!

    Thanks so much Heli and Aranwen for sharing with us all.

  9. It is so nice to see Aranwen's day. I love the salad with tuna. Thanks for sharing girls.

  10. fun feature .. i always like to see the days of folk who dont have 9-5 hours ...its great


  11. such a dramatic face!

    ... and a yummy-looking salad :D

  12. Thanks for the feature Heli! And for the lovely comments girls :D

  13. What a lovely day you had, Aranwen! Thank you for sharing!!

  14. Nice to very meet you Aranwen! Thank you Heli!

  15. Great to read about aranwen ! That salad looks yummy !

  16. Thank you for sharing your Day, Vicki! And thank you, Heli :)

  17. ooh, how fun to read about your day vicky, and lucky girl with a mother cooking for her, lol!

  18. Hey Aranwen, I love your supply-holder box!
    It was good to tzravel to Greece with you.

  19. Lovely to meet you Vicky! It's great to see the person behind her creations:)

    Have a nice weekend!

  20. nice to read and see your day arawen! That salad looks yummy!

  21. yay for another fun day!
    Loved to read it, Aranwen is beautiful!
    I eat the same tuna salad on summers, it's yummy!

  22. Lovely read!So noce to know Vicky better!!Thanks for sharing :)