Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday is my day: Matilou

Today we will fly to France and meet Anne from Matilou. She make so cute and pretty illustrations and you can find them from jewelry, T-shirts, calendars and even as a transfer picture so you can add it to your clothes yourself. Let's peek to her day and we can visit her shop in Lyon too. How exciting!

Hello !

My name is anne cresci alias Matilou, I'm 32 years old and live in Lyon in
the middle est of France. I have 2 kids with Cedric, Matis (6) and Lou (almost 3).
oh, we also have 2 cats !
We live in a loft with a little garden which is really heaven in a city !
I work as a freelance illustrator since 10 years (oh god...getting old right....)
for different magazines, Editors and internet. i just love my job, and sometimes
still wonder how it is possible to make a living with drawing... :D
I have opened a workshop in Lyon last november which is a totally new step for me,
and a dream too, I must say !


Everyone gets up to have breackfast and get ready for school or daycare.
Cedric works at home so it's really cool, he can take care of the kids
most of the time.


The choice of shoes is vital ! As you can see we have many :D
I've been taking the subway this whole winter, but the nice days are here
so I can ride to my Atelier.
The city of Lyon has bikes ready to ride for us, the first half our is free
so it's really cool !
Now Lyon is such a pretty place, I just love arriving to the bridge above the Rhône
river, it's just so beautiful, always makes me happy !

10h 00

I get to my place and have to open it, my day can now start !


My first moove when I get into my workshop is to open my computer !! I guess
i'm a real addict as I spend most of my day on it :)
First ETSY of course, see if I sold anything, then facebook, twitter, and my mails.
I answer everyone and everything, make new listings for my etsy shop, start making
all sorts of corrections on my works for clients.
Sometimes I have to redo my illustrations three or four times to match the client need.


Oups I forgot to eat...again ! I know it's a bad habbit but i'm usually so involved
in my work that I don't see time passing.
When I'm tired of the computer I have lots to do in my workshop.
Right now I'm working on a new spring collection of T-shirts and onesies for girls
and boys. I have dyed my white shirts in many cool colors and now I need to add my
transfers to them.
So let's go ironing !!! (That's about the only time I do iron really ...)


Now I feel that my walls are a bit empty, so I will hang around frames and posters
so that people can imagine them on their wall.
I can't help but rearrange my workshop all the time. I change The necklaces in the
front window, I add a couple new things here and there, I'm always mooving things around !
I go back to my mails to see what's new.
Surf internet a little bit, see what's new on blogs (especially all my friends
from my european team on etsy ! ), renew some listings in my etsy shop again, chat on
the etsy forum...
And suddently realise my pictures are SO bad............ So I try and find ways of
improving my pictures, big work !

I also sometimes have people come in, chat, buying or not, but they all seem to
like what they see and that's always a good feeling.


Usually I leave around 18h00, so that I can see cedric and the kids a bit.
When I get home we usually try to make dinner together although most of the time it's Cedric
who cooks gorgeous meals for us, while we play together cards or other games.


It's time for the kids to go to bed. We usually read a story each, they both want their book,
but they still love listening to the other story too !
That's it, cedric and I have a little time for ourselves, eventually :)
We watch a movie together most of the time or go outside talking.

One last cigarette outside and GOOD NIGHT !!
I'm always happy to find my bed :)

And thanks Heli this has been really fun to do !!!


  1. another fun installment! i love peeking into others' lives! :D

  2. Wonderful Friday post, Anne and Heli. I smiled when I read Anne spent most of her day by the computer as an addict, me too! *high 5* heehee.
    Good luck to your new Tees collection!

  3. How delightful to learn more about this wonderful artist!
    ~Emily xx

  4. It's lovely to read your day Anne and you live in a beautiful city!
    I wish I will go there again one day and say hi to you in your pretty shop!

  5. what a lovely day Anne and with the weather getting nicer you can enjoy your cycle in the mornings more often!

    Lyon is a beautiful city and you are so fortunate to have an atelier/shop! wonderful. Thanks for sharing this day Anne and Heli!

  6. I love your day! Thanks for sharing, Matilou and Heli!

  7. I just love this friday posts! What a pleasure to visit Anne and her beautiful creations!

  8. What a cool day! We are in the same city so I have to go and visit you in your atelier!

  9. Fun to find out how Matilou has been named by her kids names :)
    And I love the bicycle system, they should do that everywhere!
    Your shop looks beautiful and you multitask very nice :)

  10. It's so fun to see myself in this friday post !! It really was fun to do :D
    thanks a lot heli for the opportunity and thanks you all for the sweet comments !!!

  11. Wooow! I loved matilou's day!
    The bikes look so cool! I've been to Lyon some years ago, it's really beautiful, and if I ever get back there, I'll visit her gorgeous atelier!


  12. Lyon is beautiful and your atelier looks fab!!

  13. oh Anne, how great to read about your day, I wish I had such a wonderful shop as you have, whit all this beutiful stuff! (but I am not so talented as illustrator, lol!)

  14. So great to read about you and to see how youa are living ! Great fun ! Love your shop

  15. Your Atelier looks so great! I enjoyed your day, and I would love to see Lyon! (Well, actually I could walk around France for a month at least :-) )

  16. Great post as always !
    Matilou lives in a beautiful city and her shop its my dream hopefully to be true!

  17. Wonderful post! It really has been a pleaseure to read!

  18. Very nice to read and see more about your day, Matilou! Your atelier looks great

  19. Another great post! Thanks Heli and thank Anne for sharing with us a little bit of your secrets!... I really love your new shop... adorable!

  20. I love your day & your workspace! It's super to have such a cool place! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  21. I wish I could work like this! Having own atelier is a big thing. Matilou, thank's for sharing your day with us!

  22. So nice to follow your day, Anna! Your city is SO great - I love, that they provide free bikes.
    Thanks for sharing!

    My dear Heli, Happy Birthday to you!! May many, many wishes come true! *big hugs*

  23. I have just read through nearly all of these in one go, wonderful idea Heli. Keep it up!