Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday is my day: Karuski

Last week we were in Norway and we will stay in Scandinavia and meet Minna aka Karuski. She is a textile designer from Finland. She makes very sweet things; pouches, purse, handbags, jewelries...all with vintage touch.

Ah and did you know that Karuski means in one of the Finnish dialect sweet or candy?
How sweet!

9.30 am
How nice and sunny day we'll have today! I'm about to get up. You see, I'm not an early bird. My boyfriend has left for work already but for me this is a normal time to wake up if there're no any scheduled things or errands to run earlier in the morning.

10 am

Breakfast, my favorite meal of the day! Today I'm going to have a nice cup of coffee with milk, rye bread with cheese, tomatoes and cucumber, glass of orange juice and my vitamin + omega3 pill. That's healthy, isn't it?

10.30 am

First things first: I need to check Etsy: FP, convos, EST thread. This is going to be a busy day with crafting and packing some orders for sales I have made this week!

11 am

I'm going to prepare a bunch of used bubble mailers so that I can re- use them. I love to upcycle about everything I can and this is a perfect way to create packages with a personal touch. And then to pack the orders!

12 am

Time to do some sewing. I usually make things in small series. Here are some ribbons for my Dahlia bracelets/necklaces and cut + reinforced fabrics for my frame pouches.

2 pm

I'm going to take a couple of pictures of my pouches I finished other day. Taking pictures requires quite a lot of time. Here you can see an example of these pouches. I hope to get them listed in my shop this weekend!

3 pm

Late lunch! I don't cook often during the week and today is not an exception. I'm having a sandwich with salmon and lettuce + green tea (and a couple of japanese candies for desert!).

3.30 pm

Off to PO! I love this basket which is a traditional Finnish craft. I use it for small grocery shopping as well.

I can see that it's not so cold outside, just a little less than -10 celsius. Perfect weather to take a walk to town. My home is located about 15 minutes walk from the centre.

4.45 pm

I'm back home. Look what mailman brought me today! This is a lovely print from on Etsy. She even included some beautiful gift tags along the print. I love them! I need to find a suitable frame for this print soon.

I'm not very eager to take care of household duties! It's sort of easy when you don't have kids, I guess. At least I try to remember to water the plants once in a while (looks like this is due today)!

5.30 pm

I'm taking a look at some inspiring gardening books. Last time I went to library I found these, I enjoy reading them. We have a garden but I guess these books have helped me more with my art & craft projects... Hmm, should we get worried?! Every now and then I check my emails, Twitter, Facebook and EST thread of course...

7 pm

My boyfriend is coming home from work. Time for a small snack and coffee. This is a funny habit but we have a cup of coffee almost every evening around this time. Some say it's not good for you in the evening but I still have a lot of time before I go to bed!

It wont be before 2 am before I go to sleep. I'm going to spend time on Etsy, craft a bit, chat with my boyfriend, maybe even watch TV for a little while. I wish the days were longer. Thanks for taking a look into my day!


  1. I had to publish this a little bit earlier 'cos I won't be able to do it on Friday..or maybe earliest on Friday afternoon, so I thought I give you a nice wake up!
    ..or a good night reading :)

    Have a happy Friday!

  2. Great Heli... a nice surprise in the early morning... as per usual a stunning and interesting post... thank you so much Minna for sharing your lovely house and your creative time with us!

  3. Oh Minna, great to learn more about your friday, I just discovered your real name here!
    Ypur day looks like your creaions: inspired and full of sweetness!

  4. Wonderful to visit Karuski! Love the way how beautifully she arranges her meals :)

  5. What a fun day, Minna! I think looking into all sorts of nature books is a great way to get inspired (or get into nature itself of course)

  6. Thanks for sharing your day Minna!

  7. I always like to come here and read and see!!!
    I wish you a very nice day!

  8. Lovely day and pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  9. A very good feature on Minna. Great job and great photos too!

  10. so lovely to read about your day Minna! thank you for sharing!

  11. Karuski, it is really interesting! It is cozy and can be really inspired of day. Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. fun to read about Minna! i love to read about your friday people and this is no exception .. it's great to know Minna better. Lucky girl getting to sleep in in the mornings :D
    Is she a cook in another life i wonder? food looks YUMMY!

  13. Thank you Heli for this chance to tell a bit of my life to all of you. It was such a fun project:)

    Sigmosaics, I'm honoured to get this comment but I'm cooking just for fun.


  14. lovely read karuski! and a nice post as usual heli!:)

  15. Great post Heli! and it was really fun to read about your day, Minna :) Thanks for sharing, girls :)

  16. :) Thanks for sharing Heli and Minna :)

  17. Minna, fun to read about your lovely day! Thanks for sharing this with us Minna and Heli!

  18. The sandwishes are looking so yummy. And just like always it is so fun to read and see the featured persons day.

  19. So great to know you better!
    Heli its great that you giving us a closer look to all these artists.
    Friday is our day because of you!

  20. Just got to read this one... And kept wondering all the way if Minna would get any more food after those 2 sandwiches! :) And according to my calculations, she didn't! Could you, pretty please, teach me how to do that?! ;)

  21. I love reading Minna's day too. Somehow so calming - no hectic at all. Thank you for sharing!!

    Ah, I read your Friday posts (and any other posts) each time, but didn't always have the time to peek in, Heli :) Just wanna tell you: keep up the good work!