Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday is my day: Intres

Today we will travel to sunny Spain and meet Maria aka Intres. She makes so cute and pretty little felt houses full of lovely details and towers, if you prefer living like a princess.
Please visit her cute shop and dream a little. Or big.
Maybe you want to build together with Maria your dream house... :)

8.00 A.M.- We get up. Alicia my 11 years old daughter, (whom sometimes seems to be 3 still), needs a few calls to open her eyes. It reminds me of myself when I had her age. My husband Manuel is always the first one. We have 45 min to leave by the door. While they have breakfast (I made arrangements with a friend to have breakfast later) I take a quick look at the mail, Etsy and some of the blogs. We leave the girl at the school

9.00-. Manuel and I go for a walk for an hour or so. My life has changed extremely about 7 months ago when I lost the job I had in an office. Now I can organize my time, although it is never enough. I come back home get changed and go to my appointment to have breakfast.

10.30- One of the prettiest things that Etsy gave me was to meet kristina ( ). She lives about 25 kilometers and some fridays when she comes to Vigo we get together for breakfast; we call it “mini etsy- breakfast”. She is a beautiful person and a great artist.

11.30- I must go to the photo studio; they order me sketches of weddings digital books and I have to give them one. I love this studio, it is very old and it still has the old cent. It is located in the center of the city, car and parking.

1.30 p.m. I got confused at the studio and stayed longer than what I thought and I don’t get in time to eat with Manuel. I came back home with calm and in the way home I stop to do some shopping at the grocery store. I don’t waste a lot of time eating, just sandwich and coffee.

3.00-I dedicate a couple of hours to finish some houses I have standing by.

4.30 PM- I go get the girl at school and take her to the academy for her English classes. (I should go as well) I have one hour, I rush to my favorite craft store. I buy some threads and cords I was in need of..

6 PM- Back to the house. I help Ali with her homework, (she shows me on the book where we live in Spain).
I give some time to solve some domestic deals and attempt to organize an old bookcase that I just finished painting so I can have my stuff kind of tidy; thing that seems an impossible mission…. Yeahhh, I did it!

9 PM - Ali has dinner and strangely she listens to me at first and she goes to bed. I wait for Manuel who is coming later on around 10.30, at the same time as I spend time on Etsy and I take a look at the fantastic treasuries that you are uploading.. This is my table of work.

11.30 PM - Today is Friday and we don’t work tomorrow. As we watch a movie I keep on going with my felt projects. Take another look to the computer: mail, emails, I fix some pictures etc. until 2,00 a.m. It is good for today. Somebody has fell asleep on the couch ;)

Happy weekend to all and thank you very much :)


  1. Oh I love her work. So colourful, detailed and fun! Great interview.

  2. I love those beautifully felted houses and the story was very fun to reas as always!!!

  3. How funto spend a day with Intres! I wouldn't mind a mini Etsy-breakfast with her and Krize! :)
    Thanks for sharing - I love Intres' work! :)

  4. haha, fun pics, and interesting to learn to know you better Intres! What a surprise to see Krize here too! and your houses and towers are so tempting!

  5. this is great to meet with you and Krize here. I love your detailed felt art works so much.

  6. Yeah! I always look forward to Friday to come here. So nice to visit Maria this time! :)

  7. How nice to read more about you and share your day.I really like your colorful works.
    Best wishes from your secretr santa

  8. I must admit that I've never visit Intres' shop before (ashamed) but I love it and I loved to read about her day.

  9. Lovely day! And love her felt houses and castles!

  10. a great read ! Love the towers ! and the dog of course ...

  11. Another great story and lovely person to get know a bit better..thanks for sharing ladies :)

  12. Thank you Heli for introducing Intres to everyone, how beautiful houses she makes!

    Happy weekend to both of you girls!


  13. I am also thankfull to Etsy to meat Intres. We were talking at the chat and realised, that we live very near to each other :) And Etsy mini breakfasts are great!!!
    Intres, you are so cute, it was so funny to read about your day! :)

  14. I soo much love fridays! We get to meet amazing artists like Intres. I love your work

  15. Maria que linda!!! y que lindo desayunar con Kris!!! :))
    Me encantó tu dia!! Un beso!!!

  16. Those felt houses looks like something out of a fairytale...gorgeous!

  17. Ooohhh, I adore her work! Great interview, Heli! always, I may add :)

  18. Thank so much girls for your words. All are very kind with me!!
    And Thanks so much, Heli, for the opportunity to show my Friday here! :)

  19. wonderful sneaky look into your life !!!

  20. The houses are so pretty! I love them! She is very talented!

  21. So lovely to know a new creative mind and her nice world!... and your houses... I would love to project that kind of fairytale buildings!!!
    Thanks for sharing your world Intres... and thank you Heli for your adorable blog!!!