Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday is my day: Granny Knows Best

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Bulgaria to meet Nevyana from Granny Knows Best. Enjoy the ride :)

Hi, my name is Nevyana, an owner, designer and artisan at Granny Knows Best. I’m temporally living with my mom and my son in North-West Bulgaria, in a town called Vratza.

I barely open my left eye when I hear my 4-year old son talking loudly in the hallway. A minute later he jumps over my bed all joyful and playful. Great start of the day! His good mood is infectious and we stay a little bit in the bed laughing at nothing.

Breakfast time! Four wholemeal cookies and a cup of fresh farm milk is my healthy and very tasty breakfast. 

My favorite time of the day is reserved for my almost daily bycicle lap. I say “almost”, because I’m not a sporty girl, the bike is a great compromise for my body and my soul. I take my camera and I’m leaving town. 

Two kilometres and I’m out of town. Those are the last houses that I see. They stay behind me and look what is in front of me. Beautiful nature!

I need only 15 minutes more to reach the gorgeous rock’s gate, that have given the name of the town ("Vrata" means "gate" in Bulgarian). From both sides of the route you see enormous blocks of steep, high rock formations. This region is compared to the french rocks of Verdon, but I can’t say if it is the same or not, because I have never been to Verdon.

I’m lucky to catch a climber on the rocks with my camera in this very Friday morning. In the weekend it is full of climbers that come from all over the country, here they can find any difficulty level they are looking for. I leave the climber on his destiny and head to home.

Wow, what a relaxing moment in front of the computer with a steaming cup of green tea. I prepare a litre of it in my shabby vintage teapot and I enjoy this magical liquid all day long. I check my Etsy account, e-mail, facebook, then I dedicate a lot on internet promoting... the hard part of my knit & crochet affair. I work until 14:00 under the supervising eye of my granny from the portrait. She is my lucky mascot! I named my shop after her and I trully believe she sees and supports me from wherever she is right now.

Meanwile my son is playing manly games with all kind of vehicles and my mom is preparing the lunch. Yeah, you can bet, I’m a spoiled child ;-)

My mom announces that it is time for lunch. Mmmmm, she has prepared my favorite meal - fried peppers with tomato sauce. I don’t know why, but my mom don’t want to face the fact that I don’t eat meat and often prepares meat, like she wants to convert me. This day is a great exception, so I enjoy it without asking too much.

I hear the door bell and... what a surprise! My package with labeled tags has arrived 3 days earlier then promised. I’m so happy... that I’m doing the happy dance. The tags are just wonderful, even if they are not in the absolutely same colors as on my website. And they are more than 1000! Hopping to have as many orders as I have tags to use ;-)

I have 2-3 hours knitting session, not much today. I’ve just finished my first pair of socks and I’m in a hurry for the second one. This is a new project of mine and I can only say that I like it so much, that I will knit a bunch of socks for this winter.

My son is becoming crazy while staying in the house the whole day and we both decide that it is time for going outside. We call Damyan’s friend Sofia to come with us and head for the nearby playground. They don’t need a lot of supervising, as far as they are together, they can play hours and hours, without even noticing my presence or absence. Few hours on the playground is fair enough, so we leave exausted but happy...

We are back home and Damyan helps me to prepar the dinner. He claims for his favorite banitza, so we put all our efforts to make an yummy evening meal. Banitza is a traditional bulgarian dish, it is made from eggs, bulgarian white cheese, bulgarian yogurt and some flaky pastry. Easy, fast and very tasty. You can eat it at breakfast, lunch or dinner... or whenever you like.

The banitza is ready... and we are ready to eat it. A good company for the banitza is a glass of red wine... or moreover it is my regular evening glass of local merlot. Nazdrave! (cheers)

My son is in his bed, so the day is over for me. I like to read before I fall asleep, so I take the book for the Indigo children and I go deep into the world of those special kids. Interesting true story... that I will tell you some other time... Good night! 

Thank you Nevyana! As for you lovely readers, stay tuned for next week's guest!
Until then... have a great weekend and be creative!


  1. This was such a lovely post. I am amazed to be the first to comment!

    I was also amazed that no tea or coffee happened before you set out for that long bicycle ride through beautiful landscapes.

    Wonderful to learn that green tea entered the picture eventually. I would love to see more of your knitting. Double point needles are wonderful, once one gets the knack.

    Hoping that the weekend that followed that Friday was splendid.


  2. Beautiful nature pics from Nevyana, happy to see a glimpse of her day here!

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