Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday is my day: Rotdaris

Hello all! This time of the week is here again! Today we will travel to Latvia to meet sweet Ilze from Rotdaris! Enjoy the ride ;) 

Leather wrap bracelet in white and blue

As usual my alarm clock is ringing and I must get ready for the new day! It is so hard to leave the bed, can’t wait till the weekend when there are no alarm clocks and I am allowed to sleep as long as I want to! It is still dark outside but during the breakfast we will be able to experience a beautiful sunrise. But the working day must start and I shake myself up and get out of the bed!
My husband is making breakfast while I’m taking morning shower and waking up our little daughter. She also doesn’t like to wake up in the mornings so always there is a little battle to win.

Breakfast coffee is ready, morning news on TV are switched on we are getting in the mood of the day.
Today is one of the coldest days in the year and my daughter doesn’t need to attend kindergarten. This makes it all easier for me as I don’t need to dress her up and take her there. She is staying at home with my husband. 

It is already eight o clock and I must go to the work. I work in Riga which is the capital of Latvia, country near the Baltic Sea. Riga is a wonderful city with great architecture and interesting Old city with its small streets and intense night life. As I live outside the city I go to work by car. It is approximately 20 km and it is taking about 40 minutes to get to  work. As it is so cold and smaller children don’t need to attend school, the streets are quite empty.


I’m arriving in the Tieto office - the biggest IT Company in Baltic States and one of the biggest in the world where I work as Project manager and Quality lead for several projects. The day is quite busy and intense so I don’t have too much time to think about my jewelry projects and Etsy shop. But still we are trying to catch a little creative sparkle every day - we have brainstorm paintings on our team board, we have cut some interesting Star Wars snowflakes when there was no snow outside and many other things that make our daily work more colorful. Day flies away in one breathe and it is already time to go home to my family!

I’m home at last. My husband is already making the dinner. Today we will have one of my favorites - baked chicken and rice. Doesn’t that look fantastic? While he is cooking I’m playing around with our daughter and cat. 

Dinner is ready! Let’s go to eat!

Finally - this is the time I can start to work on my jewelry projects! First I need to make photos of my last order - lately I often receive orders for making polymer clay beads and other supplies for other jewelry artists. Flower buds in all possible colors and other flowers like tulips, narcissi and lilac are on the top right now. I use a modified old box from my crafts owen as light box. I have an external flashlight and this works perfect for taking pictures of my works.

This is Etsy time! Checking messages, statistics, treasuries and team conversations! It is amazing that so many great and talented artists are brought together in one place! 

It seems that this day has been long enough and I will have no time to sit at my table. Well, the weekend is near and I will have time to fulfill all my ideas very soon! Feel free to check them in some while in my Facebook page, Twitter and Etsy shop!
Sweet dreams everybody!

Thank you Ilze! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)



  1. Such an interesting interview! Love your pictures!
    Also, just got to know about this blog --- I will definitely be checking archives and am looking forward to new interviews! Great concept!

  2. Thanks so much! I enjoyed reading about your day and those flowerbuds are beautiful! Hope you are having a great weekend and get to sleep loooong in the mornings ;)

  3. Nice to get to know about Ilze's day, her polymer clay pieces are lovely with such pretty details!

  4. Thank you all for comments!
    Renathe, I got a good sleep on weekend! But that I guess will never be enough :)