Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday is my day: Sadiie

This week we're going to say hello to Sadiie in the Czech Republic. In her shop,, you can find beautiful, upcycled home decor items such as paper wreaths and mobiles. But first, let's take a look at Sadiie's busy day!

There's an app TEA for that.

My alarm clock sounds at 5.55 but I am usually awake a few minutes before it starts to ring. My day starts with classic earl grey tea (I love the bergamot scent) and breakfast, today it's warm soup from yesterday and cheese.

I eat only with my two cats because my partner is now working 3 months abroad and my grandma, who lives downstairs, wakes up later than me. After breakfast I get dressed, check my diary and go downstairs feed our dog and prepare breakfast and medicines for the old lady. At 7.00 I take the bus to the city and go to my office. I live in a small village in the north part of Prague so waiting for and traveling downtown by public transport is one of the chilling moments for reading, listening to music or just finding something beautiful every day.

I work as a creative director in a small czech company. My regular work day is quite hectic, containing anything from doodling logos, preparing technical studies, designing websites to brainstorming about new mobile app features. I can't complain on boredom!

Because my diary is very full today, I brought lunch from home. Trout with vegetables, yum.

I usually have lunch at some nearby restaurant, but today I need every minute so I eat at my desk. After lunch I have my second cup of tea, white sort shou mei. During the afternoon I do the rest of the work and some private agenda. I leave the office at 17.30 and go to gym where I meet my friend and do some workout for one and half hour. After my sweaty date with iron I quickly take a shower and run to catch the bus back to my village.

I arrive home around 21.00, cook bulgur with vegetables for my grandma for the next day. Later on I do some inspiration research for the morning plus I have to book a couple of flight tickets, I'm going to visit friends in Oxford and in June I'm flying to Dubai where I need to apply for visa. Filling bureaucratic applications is not my favourite activity in the late evening. After my goodnight lemon balm tea and some book reading I fall asleep with both cats in my bed.

... so where's the etsy fun? Squeezed somewhere during weekends :]

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  1. friday is a very busy day for you! still the weekend is next and you can get busy crafting :-) your shop is absolutely lovely!