Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday is my day: meilingerzita

Hello everyone! It's time to visit Hungary and say hi to Zita. She makes the most adorable bears, bunnies and other creatures, as well as stylish laptop bags, which you can see in her shop

7.30 am
I wake up, have a shower, make coffee.
I draw the curtains, and I see gladly my crassulas come on well. For some weeks I gave them too much water, so their stems were shrivelled up.

8.00 am
I check my e-mails, see my Facebook page, my Etsy, our forums, create a treasury for Etsy, read some news and write a post to my blog.
The background of the photo you can see my rabbits. I keep them on my wall until they are added to the cart of customers on my Etsy shop.

9.00 am
I make a list of my tasks for the next days: two little bears of felt for my friend, some photos of my items, little bags for a kindergarten, two brooch for an order, a little red knitted hat and so.

9.30 am
I must go to a Hungarian design market, but I have an idea in my head, so I draw it fastly (I would like to draw lots of illustration of my bear, called Portz. I want to show his life with this illustrations. Later I will list them in my Etsy shop as prints).

10.30 am
This design market is got up once a month in the centre of Budapest. There are lots of quality design goods and visitors too.

11.00 am
I have a collaboration with Vadjutka (she also has an Etsy shop: she sells her beautiful jewelleries and I give a make up as a gift to her costumers. You can see the market and Vadjutka's stand on photo no 5.

7.30 pm
I get home and a lovely dinner waits for me.

8.30 pm
I decide I finish my newest laptop bag, but I don't have too much time: we have a programme.

9.00 pm
Instead I apply a cat of felt to a bear's stomach. I need some minutes to do it.

9.30 pm
I finish the cat and we go to a pub to meet our friends.


  1. great to meet you here Zita; I love your bunnies. I recognized Judit immediately, already before I read about your project together; great idea, by the way !

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us! Love your sweet creations. The drawing of the little bear hanging on a cloths line is so precious.

    Oh yes, those crassulas can be tricky. I think the less attention you give them the better they grow!

  3. Hi Zita, nice to meet you :)
    You have a cute shop!
    Like that design market!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Many thanks to both of you for sharing!
    Nice to meet you Zita!

  5. It was a great day together - she made beautiful make ups! And I love your drawings Zita!