Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday is my day: pintameldia

This week we're visiting Spain and saying hello to Esti of In her shop you can see more of her sweet and lovely illustrations, artwork, paper puppets and more. Have a happy Friday!


I’m Esti a.k.a Pintameldia and I live in Bilbao, north of Spain, with my husband and my two daughters. This is a day in my life.

I wake up, shower and get dressed.

I have breakfast with my husband, who is an early bird and makes the best toast around here. I wake up the girls and here our stressful forty minutes begin: get them dressed, prepare their breakfast, tidy up the rooms a little... and then we head out the door and I drive them to school.

I leave the girls at school and head back home. I do some more tidying up.

I sit down at my table, on my brand new chair. I turn on my laptop, check my email and write my (almost) daily blog post. I also write down the list of things to-do today.

This is the moment I need to focus on my work properly. Most of my mornings I sketch or draw, but today I have to work on some comissioned paper puppets. It’s gonna take me several hours.

I take a break. It’s really sunny outside. I live in an old house with a patio, very close to the sea and only twenty minutes from the center of the city. I love living here.

Time to do some small house chores (laundry) and to get out of the house to buy bread before the shop closes. After this, I come back and eat lunch (some leftovers from the day before).

I prepare and pack a mid-afternoon snack for the kids: strawberries, sándwiches and yoghurt.

It’s so nice outside that I decide to drive to school earlier. I park the car there and go for a walk.

The kids come out and we lingered at the school yard, eating the snack I have prepared at home (them), talking to friends (me), playing (them) and enjoying the great weather (all of us).

They are having so much fun that it gets really hard to leave. But they know today we are going to see some friends play and within seconds they are all ready to go and excited.

Helicon (a band friend of ours for whom I’ve made some artwork) is playing at the Fnac in the center of the city. We are lucky to find a parking space quickly and arrive right in time for the first song. We hand some earplugs to the girls because of the music volume. It almost feels like witnessing an intimate rehearsal and the atmosphere is fantastic. The girls enjoy it a lot.

Back home, light dinner, the girls are fast asleep. This is the time I take the whole day in, savouring the good moments, recalling the music, the joyful talk and the fabulous spring temperature. It’s also time to work on an illustration. The perfect moment, when the house is silent and calm.


  1. Hola Esti :)

    I enjoyed reading about your day and looking at all the pictures.
    I wish you and your family a great weekend.

    And...your shop is great!

  2. Ohh lucky you who lives in a warm country. I really like your shop.

  3. SUCH a pleasure to spend a day with you Esti...I love the borgonvilla outside your house...such a punch of colour...
    Lovely lady...brilliant talent...and a lovely series here.

  4. Nice to meet you here Esti !Love your work and your beautiful old house !!

  5. Nice to read about your day, your artwork is fabulous. It was nice to see the sunshine in your pictures too...It is a gray UK today, have a lovely weekend.

  6. Beautiful pics!!Lovely artist!Thanks for sharing your day!