Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday is my day: Emma Lamb

Today we will go to Edinburgh, Scotland and meet Emma from
She crochets retro and vintage inspired granny cushions, pincushions, pot holders and other sweeties!
You will love the shop, I promise!
happy friday!

lottie - vintage rose pincushion...

7.00am ~ The alarm goes off and my man gets up to get ready for work, thankfully I get to lie in bed a wee while longer... one of the best perks of working from home!
7.45 am ~ Breakfast of tea and toast.

8.15am ~ I switch on my computer and start the working day, spending the next couple of hours checking e-mails and Etsy convos, updating my Flickr groups, adding a few pretty things to my Pinterest pages. I also squeeze in a blog post.

10.00am ~ Get dressed.
10.45am ~ Take the wee man (Spanner) for his morning walk in our local park so he can sniff all the smells and meet his wee pals.

12.30 ~ Lunch, today it's sweet smoked Scottish mackerel with cucumber and fresh bread followed by a peppermint tea and chocolate biscuits... mostly healthy!

1.00pm ~ Sit down at my desk for an afternoon of crocheting. Today I'm working on some custom 'granny cushions' that will hopefully be in their new home by the time you're reading this!

5.15pm ~ My man comes home and kindly makes dinner for us, gammon with baked potato courgette and a fried egg ~ i love fried eggs! He's much more at home in the kitchen than me, but I do enjoy cooking, just not everyday... ;)

6.00pm ~ Sit down at the computer again ~ with my pudding of summer fruit berries with thick coconut milk, yum! ~ to catch up with a wee bit of blog reading and pull some ideas together for more of my own blog posts for the rest of the week.

7.00pm ~ We all go for an evening walk, as it's such a sunny night we decide to go to Arthur's Seat ~ a long dead volcano in the centre of Edinburgh and when I say long dead I mean millions of years! This is absolutely one of our most favourite places to go for a walk, once you get to the top there are some stunning views of the city to be had. But tonight the peak is very busy since the tourist season is just starting to gear up for the summer and the Edinburgh festival events.

8.30pm ~ Home for a quick shower and get into my pj's ready for a couple of lazy hours in front of the TV while working on some crocheted flowers for my garlands.
10.30pm ~ Off to bed, see you all in the morning... !


  1. Beautiful work and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You live in a beautiful place and your work is so pretty! Thank you for sharing your day with us :)

  3. Lovely to meet you Emma; and great to see Artur's seat. We lived a couple of years in Edinburgh, and I have so many lovely memories !

  4. Love Emma's Etsy Shop! And happy to know more about her!

  5. I think "Friday is my day" is a great way to know more about the everyday life of people who's work we love so much. Great job! And a very nice feature, also!

  6. I really like the place you work your crochet creations! Soooo bright !
    Great post ♥

  7. What an absolutely lovely feature! I adore Emma Lamb- she is so sweet and talented. :D

  8. What a gorgeous day in beautiful surroundings!

  9. Emma's work is oh, so granny chic, a great source of inspiration for a girl like me. Loved to read through her day, she apparently lives in a beautiful place!

  10. Really nice feature.

    I've just found your blog through Emma's (which I follow) and have spent the past two hours reading about all the wonderful artists' Fridays!

    This has become a must read, too!

  11. Sorry to be one of those one annoying tourists that goes to Arthur's seat! LOL :) I loved it!
    And I love your work, Emma! Your garland is one of my very favorite things in my studio! It makes me happy every day! :)

  12. Well, I have already been a great fan of Emma and her generous approach to beautiful textile crafts ... and color, too.

    It's grand to see this space give her a larger audience.

    I will have to see who else might have gotten a bright light on a Friday.

    Thank you!

  13. Great to learn about the day in the life of Emma & Spanner...

  14. Another great feature! And what beautiful landscape...

  15. Oh what fun to have a peek at Emma's day since I have been following her blog for some time now. Great idea!

  16. SUch beauty! I love the premise of this blog. Such a fun idea!

  17. Lovely to meet you Emma! What a lovely place you live, I would love to go to Scotland one day.