Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday is my day: La Marquise des Anges

Today we will head to sunny and beautiful France and meet beautiful Sabine from
She has a lovely little French boutique full of pretty things; embellished T-shirts, jewellery,accessories and house decorations. Enjoy your day!

CHAMPAGNE embellished women tee shirt size S, M, L , XL or XXL

around 7 am . the day is starting and I wake up calmly in my beloved bedroom . Not alarm clock for me. The moment my eyes are open and my feet are on the floor I am totally awake and ready for the day to come. I first open the fences and I grab my soft long cardigan , and my slippers, right in front of my bed. I go straight to the living room to say hello to my furry companions, to open the fences and to put some wood in the fireplace. I then kiss my sweet husband goodbye.
around 7.30 Then it is time to go to the bathroom. It is one of my very favorite place in the house. We moved in our "nest" more than one year ago and we have been working pretty hard to arrange. There is still a,lot to do . We have totally redone the bathroom from the floor to the ceiling. We made everything by ourself and we are very happy with the result . we wanted something peaceful...quiet.
After a shower , some make up , here what I look like :
Around 8.15 am . back to the kitchen-living-room - dining room (it is an open space). I already start cleaning and to tidy things around me while the water (for my tea) is boiling, and the bread is in the toaster (I LOVE toasted bread smell) . This is what my typical breakfast is : very hot tea, toasted bread or brioche with butter from Normandie and jam. I eat while watching the news.I have to resist from the temptation to swithc on the laptop but I make a pioint of honor to enjoy my breakfast to be in a good shape to start up the day.
now it is time to check emails, orders, messages more attentively. I just deal with the urgence and set up a priority list (in my head). time for some housecleaning. If things are not arrange and clean around me I can't really feel comfortable doing anything else. now it is time to spend some time on my emails, on twitter on the forums...
I finish packing the orders that have to be send today and get ready to go to the post office .
Then I drove to my suppliers to get the materials I need for the completed transaction I have had and to work on the new design I have in my head.
Friday is also the day I visit one of my favorite vintage place . here what I got today .
11.50 am I am taking HIRO my beloved border collie for his daily dogwalk. sometimes we just walk in the neighborhood but as I can't unleash him, I really prefer going in lovely places in the countryside. the good point is I don't have to go very far. as this lovely little village : we walk and play a little and we practise exercises too. This moment is very important and is a perfect way to make a break to a non stop day.

back home in time to check my mailbox : one of my favorite moment .
lunch time with a slice of quiche and some salad from my Father in law 's garden and a piece of cake . I baked them yesterday's evening as we had guests at home.
I always try to make all the things that took me out during the morning; so that I don't have to move again and I am more productive. I will now be sewing and working , working working.... from now on to 7 pm.
the ligh was pretty today I had some time to make a little photo shoot session for the upcoming euro week
around 5 pm. I just take little snack break : fruit. today it will be an apple.
I start fixing dinner around 7 pm while taking care of the internet aspect of my shop. Once my beloved JP is home we share a little one to one moment drinking a glass of rosé in front of the fireplace, chating about the day . After dinner, we finish preparing together we watch TV on the sofa, with the 3 four legged companions. I most of the time sew several hours, or work on blog post , advertising campaigns ...
around midnight to 1.00 am then I love reading a little bit before sleeping, as I need to calm down with the energy and passion I feel in my veins ....reading is a hobby since I am a little girl and it always manage to calm me down... I feel so well in my lovely bedroom, my husband reading by my side too.
good night ...


  1. Nice read with lovely pictures. Your cats seem to be enjoying themselves on the sofa, they are so cute. Oh, and I adore your renovated bathroom too!

  2. Hello Sabine, I loved to learn about you a bit more! Your house and neighbourhood is so charming.

  3. What a lovely place Sabine is living in! Enjoyed this visit, thanks! :)

  4. So great reading, it's nice to getting to know you :-) You have a lovely home!

  5. Beautiful pics, Sabine! Your boutique is full of wonderful things and you're a lovely person to get to know a bit better! Loved your day! :)
    Big cuddle for your furry friends! :)

  6. Quelle jolie maison tu as Sabine! And such cute kitties! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sabine, I feel like reading something from Marie Claire Idées, everything so beautiful and thank you for sharing your beautiful day:)

  8. your life seems very peaceful in a great placeee....great to know you closer..and thanx Heli for featureee:-)

  9. yes thnaks HELI for the feature. I am so happy.

    merci so very much for your sweet words my friends. I am really touched. :)



  10. Bonjour Sabine! Nice to see you in your lovely and charming south french background!

  11. This is fantastic :) written well! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Thank you so very much for the visit to your life :-D

  13. Hi Sabine, so nice to get to know you a bit better !

  14. Love your house, looking at all your pictures makes me miss france! Thanks for sharing. So lovely.

  15. Salut Sabine, how nice to read about your day, thank you!
    Your fourlegged friends look so cute :-)

    Thanks Heliiiii! x

  16. Love your house, looks amazing! Thanks for showing your day!

  17. Bonjour Sabine,

    J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance qui se dégage, qui nous permet de découvrir une partie de ton quotidien. Très sympa l'endroit ou tu habites...

    I really like the atmosphere that emerges for us to discover a part of your daily life. Very nice place where you live ...

  18. Sabine, what a beautiful life you have! You are an inspiration, thank you for sharing a slice of your day with us :) One day may my life be as peaceful, productive and beautiful :D xx

  19. I really enjoyed this feature. A lovely person in her lovely atmosphere. Sabine's creations are just wonderful, and now I can see where she draws her inspiration. Loved it! :)
    Greetings from Frankfurt am Main, Germany,

  20. reading your comments is truly like a sunshine moment on a gray and rainy day. merci so much everyone of you for your sweet words. and merci HELIS for this wonderful opportunity :)

  21. Lovely journey with lovely lady - I admire your creation for a while, so it was really nice to meet you and your furry companions... Greetings from Estonia.


  22. Absolutely loved every single word and image by Sabine! What a beautiful life she leads...and it is so deserving for such a sweet, gorgeous soul that she is.

  23. It was so nice to read about your day! :) You have very beautiful home and lovely village you live in!
    THank you for saharing your day with us! :)
    Hugs from Estonia! :)