Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday is my day:Kraplap

Today we will fly to "a tiny village of 20 homes in the most northern part of Germany" as like Petronella aka Kraplap announces in her kraplap etsy shop. She is a real button queen, she designs the most incredible button jewelry and she makes bags and clothing too. I would love to see her button treasury one day :)
Please visit her etsy shop!
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OK, here we go. I am warning you because it will be very unexciting…..
People who know me from earlier days do not understand that I can live here in the country without any entertainment. I used to be a university teacher and researcher, and I worked from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening; giving courses, doing research, student consultancy etc. My office was always full of students, and my social life was centered around the studentship till deep into the night. I always said the students are my kids, and the research is what I am living for. Well, things change ….

I wake up somewhere between 9 and 11 in the morning; it depends when Peggy thinks it’s enough. She is making so much fuss, noises, licking, nosing that I have to get out of bed and let her out to do her thing.
It’s a pretty slow process to wake up, and important is my coffee. I have my own superfast mini coffee machine. Then I eat some plain yoghurt, shower, do my back gymnastics, and the day can begin.
Most of the time I am working for 1 or 2 hours on some project (i.e. computing and algebraic modelling) for a US based animal institute, and then later in the day or very late in the evening another 2 hours. This means sitting behind my PC and analyzing data, and performing some algebra on it, and then writing reports of it. A small remainder of my earlier university life. And I check Etsy of course ….
After lunch (which is only a few crackers and some cheese; not very showable because I am not making any fuss of it, not exciting to watch….) I am working a bit in the garden. Mostly weeding, but today also sowing. It’s time for the beans. I am glad hubby made such a nice high bed for my vegetables, because I must keep my back straight because of my back injury. I have some different salads in there, rhubarb, red radish and horseradish. Furthermore, lots of different squashes and carrots.
I am pretty proud of my herb garden with all kinds of mint, thyme, oregano, sage, tarragon, fennel, chives, rosemary etc. Hubby is the cook in the house, but I deliver the most delicious fresh vegetables and herbs ! I will give it a bit more water today, because we had such warm dry days (very exceptional for northern Germany in this season).
And I have a quick look if the offspring is already there; no, it’s pretty quiet. No little birdies yet.
Then I am going for a long walk along the fjord (i.e. the Schlei) with Peggy; but before that she needs to have her anti-tick treatment for this month. She is so sweet, standing very still when I am treating her (probably because she knows she get some sweets when done).
I go down to the fjord on a very dangerous, but very romantic path. It’s so beautiful down there, so quiet. And I always find great stones and shells etc. Peggy loves it there too, she even tries to catch the ducks. She jumps into the water and the poor beasts have to fly away.

And when the weather is fine I am going for a row. I love rowing, Peggy doesn’t, so she stays on the shore and enjoys herself with all the unseen but excitingly smelling animals.
Back home I am sewing a bag and making some new button-brooches today. There’s not much to do in my little shop because the holiday season must start here yet.
I could not take a picture of myself sewing, because I could not find out how to do that and hubby was not at home. So, here a pic of my sewing place in my little shop (the former garage rebuilt into my workspace).

When hubby comes home he makes a delicious vegetable and fish puff-pastry pie, and the weather is gorgeous so we eat outside. I love everything hubby cooks, that’s why I am an XL type… ahum hubby eats twice as much as me, is 30cm taller and about 20 kg lighter. What about that ???
After dinner he is working on the balcony that had to be replaced. It’s an ongoing building site here, first the garage, then the garden shed, now the balcony etc…

After playing with Peggy, who is always happy to have hubby back home again, I am sewing a bit more and work a bit more on my algebra project. Hubby and Peggy go to bed and I am looking a bit late TV, checking Etsy for the last time, and finally go to bed too. That’s it.

P.S "Friday is my day" will leave on summer vacation now and will be back in about 1 month or so.
Wishing you all happy and warm summer :)
See you soon!


  1. Oh I so wish to have a cooking hubby! :) Oh and I also envy her for that beautiful nature around. And Peggy is so sweet!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day Petronella. Your house is lovely! And I love your garden! (and Peggy is adorable)

  3. What a great feature and format! Lovely work!

  4. Such a lovely day, Peggy sure cheers your day up :D

  5. Thank both of you so much for sharing! It's always so exciting to learn to know follow etsians a bit more!

  6. What a wonderful way to spend the day, kinda like mine :-D
    Except for the cooking I wish for a cook :-D

  7. ..oh, and SuperHELI, have a great vacation!!!!

  8. Petronella, it was really nice to visit your home and meet you i your everyday life :) Lot of hugs to you and Peggy and hubby :)

  9. Oh Petronella, you live in a beautful place, the rowing must give you a lot of relaxing vibes as does the gardening!! Wish I had the time!
    And so sweet to see you with the lovely peggy!!

  10. What a pleasure to get this view into the life of kraplap! Her life and home are so sweet and the photos of her rowing are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks Heli and Petronella for sharing the day with us. I love the part of your day with you rowing the boat. That is one of the best chillout.

  12. what a wonderful day you have Petronella. I love the little quiet life that you have found there in northern germany, you have a happy environment, your garden is flourishing, peggy is so lovely and your hubby to cook!! I am envious of your walk through the Fiord and I did not know you like to row a boat! gorgeous.

    Thanks so much to you and to Heli for sharing this .. it's wonderful to know you a little better.

  13. Petronella, what you say is a boring and usual day, seems like a very exciting one to me!

  14. I loved your day relaxed...I can understand, that you changed your busy life to this. I would go on the lake with you one day!

    And as others said: I want a cooking hubby too! BUT: while others have a non-cooking hubby, I dont have any, so I have the chance to pick one :-)

  15. Oooh, I love your garden! I wish I had an herb garden, how lovely! Peggy seems very happy with you!
    I loved your day!

  16. Oh, the little nest is delightful! Her day looks so nice, especially the row.
    Happy weekend!
    ~Emily xx

  17. How lovely this all is.. Petronella, love where you live, that path is gorgeous! Rowing that boat looks so cool and must be fantastic.. Thanks again for a wonderful friday read, the both of you!! And have a fab vacation Heli!! xo

  18. Hi Heli and all the others who read this ! I am late today because we had no electricity this morning (some repair work on the road). Thanks all for joining me today. (I also blogged about it: )
    And you are all welcome ! Peggy loves visitors, I can learn you how to row, and hubby loves to make lots of food ! See you !

  19. wow Petronella, your life far from boring, I want that herbs, boating and yummy fishy!!!!!
    Love it!:)))

  20. your place looks so lovely Petronella! and Peggy seems to have the life of Riley :)

  21. I would love to have a rowing boat & lots of space around me!
    It might not be an exciting day for you - because you live it everyday - but for me it looks like a perfect day to spend! Peggy is supercute! :)

  22. wow, what a great day, you do know how to enjoy life. I love your herbs and salad garden too. ^-^
    Thanks for sharing your life. It always so interesting seeing how others artists' live

  23. Such an ideal day, Petronella. I love that you garden, and that you row, and that your husband cooks so well. The algebra, well, I think I'll skip that... :D

  24. Great feature...nice to know more about you and your life. Cute doggie and great pictures!

  25. Petronella I love the little blue balcony and I adore your garden with herbs.I live in an apartment but my dream is to have a garden like this in the future :)
    I feel that you are leaving in a small paradise!Lucky you :)
    Thank you Petronella and Heli for this lovely post.

  26. Where you live looks so beautiful! And the food looks so good! I'm coming over--set another place at the table! :-)

  27. Thank you so much for sharing a day of your life with us! It´s great to know a little bit more of you :)

  28. I love your life!! Fantastic day!