Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday is my day: Paper Flower Girl

Today Belgium and Isis from Paper flower girl. She makes pretty jewelry and lovely little paintings and drawings. Her photos are very beautiful and nicely done! Enjoy your Friday with Isis!
(click any photo to go to the shop)

My name is Isis.
I'm 22 years old
I live in Gent, Belgium
I study Archaeology
I create jewelry and a lot of other things
08:00: Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing does the clock on my nightstand. I turn around and stay in bed for a couple of minutes more, give Mr. B a sweet kiss on his nose and get up. He stays in bed some more because he works late in the evening. I take a shower and get dressed. Choosing clothes always takes me longer than I would like. I go for a comfy cotton tunic and jeans.

9:00: I go downstairs to prepare breakfast for myself. Today I eat Greek yoghurt (they sell it for Greek yoghurt but the real thing is completely different, I like it none the less) with pecannuts and honey. I also eat a couple of pages of Madame Bauvary for breakfast. *Crunch crunch*

9:30: I go to the top floor where my studio/workspace is. I am currently spending nearly all my time writing my final thesis about medieval ruffled headwear (yes I know it's a peculiar subject :-). I still have one month and a half and then it must me finished. Hence I buried one of my two tables with books. To be presice, there are 36 books on the table. There are more on the shelves behind me.

9:35: I have turned on the computer. I read my emails, check etsy, and read my favorit blogs. No orders today, so no packaging to do. I start writing right after that. Normally I would list something on etsy now, but I don't have time for that at the moment. I work all morning, except for the tiny nicotine-break I allow myself around 11:00.

12:30: I eat lunch - scrambled eggs with onions, parsil and mushrooms - on my own. Mr. B. has left the house to make a trip to Mechelen to visit a couple of museums there and photograph medieval sculputers in he old town hall (yes, he has middle ages for his day-job, I have it as a study). The workaholic I am even during lunch I'm reading literature for my thesis.When I'm in a brave mood, I would also do the dishes right now, but today I wasn't. It will probably have to wait untill tomorrow, since I can already guess I wont feel like it tonight either.

13:30: I take a walk to university to pick up the first two revised chapters of my thesis and to go get some more books in the library. The white buildings in the photo are part of the faculty of arts and humanities, there's more to the left. In the middle of the photo you see the buildings of the Saint Peter's Abbey, which is early medieval in origin.

15:30: On the way back home I take some time to enjoy the pretty presents Spring leaves behind for us here and there. I like the park just a block away from my home.

15:45: I enter the house again. I like the old oak wood door!

16:00: I sit down to eat a little snack. I feel rather hungry, since lunch was rather tiny. I eat fresh cheese right from the farm and homemade fig and raspberry compote. And again I have something to read.

16:30: I finish an experiment I started yesterday in reconstructing frills and ruffles on medieval headwear. The techniques used are based on 12th to 17th century textile finds.

18:00: I whip up a quick dinner in my green kitchen. In the mean time Mr. B. arrives back home again. He helps setting the table.

18:20: Dinner is served! We eat pasta with big shrimps and fresh herbs, baked in olive oil. It's one of my favorite fast foods. EVER.

19:15: I go off to the bathroom for a 'do the spa at home' session (I love those!!!). First I clean my skin, then take a facial steam bath with lavender and rosemary essential oil. After that I apply a clay mask (oh the joy of being a green monster!). In the mean time there's time for a quick manicure.

20:15: After 10 minutes the clay goes off, and hydrating lotion goes on.

20:30: Time for another cup of tea, an episode of 'Wire in the blood' with Mr. B, and picking silk colours for a new jewelry project I have in mind. I also finish some silk brooches I'm working on. After that another smoking break in the garden. Next we watch the this weeks episode of 'Deadwood'. Friday and Saturday are the only days I actually watch television.

01:00: Time for bed!


  1. Isis is such a busy bee! :) Great to visit her. I feel much more ambitious now!

  2. Isis has such talent and I love the mask. :D Thanks for sharing honeys!

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the day! Thanks for sharing :-D

  4. yes, she is so busy! No wonder she not much around laltely. Nice to read your day paper:)

  5. Great peek once again, thanks isis and Heli!

  6. Oh wow! So much work goes in your thesis! Bravo!
    Very interesting article, I like how the story is written and the photos :)

  7. wow Isis is a busy girl indeed!! good luck on the thesis and many thanks for sharing your lovely day :D

    thanks Heli :D

  8. great to see Paper in action ! She makes the most beautiful photographs !

  9. I enjoy reading for Isis day !
    Thank you both Isis and Heli :)

  10. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  11. another wonderful day in the life... thank you for sharing. I love both Gent and Mechelem, gorgeous cities both!

  12. thank you all for the lovely comments :) i enjoyed sharing my day with you all!

  13. An other great read and feature!Isis is a fantastic phtotographer too!!!
    Thanks for sharing :))

  14. Oh Isis, you're such a bookmonster! Actually a green bookmonster! I wish you heaps of luck with your thesis! :)