Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday is my day: Dina Fragola

Today we will take a flight to Belgium and meet Nathalie from dinafragola who has so many cute cats. Well, she tells everything about herself, so let's go friends! To Belgiuuuum!
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I am Nathalie (also known as Dina Fragola) from Belgium. I make kitsch jewelry (and sometimes clothes) that I sell on the web. I trained as a graphic designer but computers (other than the Internet) have started to bore me a little lately. I love cats and I have way too many. The name of my shop is the name of one of my kittens that sadly passed away in 2007, Dina the Italian ;)
Here’s one of my day.

*Poke Poke Poke*
" Are you awake ? I need a cuddle…and I am hungry…and I want to go out… "

Pikachu enjoys waking me up every morning, and it’s more fun than an alarm clock !The cats got a bit impatient today as I was taking pictures, most of them left before food as I was not quick enough.

But Pikachu and Eugenie are waiting for their food.

When all the cats are happy I can have breakfast at last.

Oh, Pikachu wants to come in.

It’s my main daily activity, opening doors for the cats. After breakfast, I am on my way to the bathroom (no picture ;) ) and I check my mail and Etsy (and Dawanda, and Artfire).

On a normal day I would sit down at the living room table and make some jewelry.

My stash

It looks a bit empty because I have already packed all my fabrics.
These days I mainly fill boxes to be ready for the big move in May !

I still need to pack what I need to mail today.

Yeah, you can also see some more boxes ready to be filled.

Lunch time. My mom made pasta with bolognaise (but no cheese as I am on a dairy free diet)

I’d better hurry up. I have a doc appointment (ear doctor, I have a hearing problem), then I need to check the work in the new house.

The garden has run a bit wild.

Still no plumber (he is pouting because he had a fight with the tiler, I wish I was kidding…) but the kitchen is tiled. Pretty ! Me happy

Oops almost forgot to go grocery shopping…for the cats

Too late for the post office.
Some time for the Internet then !

What will I have for dinner ?

I guess lunch leftovers will do.

TV time now…or a book…
my Alice in wonderland book collection.

The cats are ready for the night and waiting for me
*purrr purrr purrr*
(from Pikachu, Mario, Eugenie and the camera shy Le-Quart-d’une-Noix, Gazette, Zouzou, Kevin, Marvin, Juju, Diego, Dora, GP, Dagett and Tartine) "


  1. oh how cool Dina!! What a lovely fun read .. what is on her bread for breakfast? It looks like a slab of chocolate ..?? Gorgeous cats (cat lover here) .. yeah for being packed up and ready to move! The kitchen in the new house looks super.

    Many thanks for sharing Dina and Heli :D

  2. this is so fun to read Dina!
    thanks for sharing with us:)

  3. wow, the kitty looking in the window is so cute! love the pile of dirty dishes, I know this well!
    Great post!!!
    ~Emily xx

  4. Heli & Nathalie, thank you so much for sharing! It was so fun to read!

  5. oh, wow, 14 cats! i turn to dina when i need kitty advice, but i didn't realize it was 14 she had. i am now very very very impressed (and so is my kitty no. 2, purring on my lap).

  6. I'm so jealous, I'm desperate to get one little kitty!
    thanks for sharing your day Dina!

  7. Oh, she seems to be busy with cats and moving. So nice to read about your day Nathalie!
    p.s. We just got our first cat this week:)


  8. Thanks so much for reading my day =^.^= And, yes Sig, it's a thin slab of chocolate on the bread :)

  9. Oh, such beautiful I wish we could have even one, but hubby doesn't like them :(

  10. so great to see Nathalie and her cats here !!

  11. Haha, I always wondered where your username came from! Suepr to know that! I wish you a good move and hope that all will go smoothly! :)

  12. Congratulations Dina .... I like the background of your computer ... LOL ..

  13. Dina I really enjoy reading about you!
    I was wondering the same with Sigmosaics about what was the dark thing above the bread .Now I see you said that it was chocolate !!!!!
    Interested breakfast :)
    Thank you Dina and Heli for the post!