Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday is my day: Benconcervato

Haa! Prepare yourself to a long flight, we are flying to Australia and meet Emma from Benconcervato who lived in France for 5 years and was part of our Etsy's European street team. She makes cute, fun and whimsical illustrations, photographs, cards and textile art as well. Please visit her awesome Etsy shop
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by Emma Kidd

I am Emma Kidd and Australian artist / illustrator / photographer type who has only really got over coming "home" from living in the North of France for about 5 years.

My day usually starts pretty early. I am not a late sleeper (even though I can be accused of having a sieste later in the day). Normally I wake with the light at the moment that is around 7am or earlier.

First thing I do, usually, is eat breakfast. I am a horrid muti-tasker, sometimes I think it stems from the sometimes inability to concentrate on one thing at a time, which I am trying to be really conscious of. While I eat, I normally check my emails and stuff i like to look at such as Etsy, maybe The Sydney Morning Herald (on-line) odd blogs (such as the Moleskine exchange blogs) or Flickr.

Then it is have a shower and try to make myself get to work.This particular day was a little cold and windy and dark so my makeshift, outside desk was not really a nice option, so I started on my very cramped inside one (we live in what would be classed as a "granny flat" in Australia, one bedroom, small living room, kitchen, bathroom... our dining room is that "outside desk" I just mentioned).
I dream of my desk in Lille when I sit at the one inside... anyway. It was pretty uninspiring, i drew some monsters to get moving and peeked out of the corner of my eye at what I was supposed to be doing (that would be the pinky coloured creature in the other image).

Finally I got to move outside, did some better work.Ate lunch and organised some pieces bought to be sent out and odd letters.

Went for a walk, I always pass through the park down the road to go to Manly. (That is me in the park taken with a fisheye camera).

Got back in the afternoon and finally kind of improved that pink creature to my liking and nutted out the idea for the next one to keep my brain moving. I tend to either listen to music or podcasts (such as "All in The Mind" or "The Book Show" or something in French like "2000 Ans D'Histoire" to keep me on the job).
Started to get cold, so I go inside and get ready for the evening, do another check on the internet, and do boring evening stuff. The man is usually back by this time, we ate dinner and watched a bit of TV (usually while playing on the internet at the same time, not good I guess).all in all not a bad day...


  1. I've been waiting for this feature all week! Thanks for fantastic read :)

  2. ah, Emma return to Australia! Nice to read her day here heli:)

  3. Great to see Emma doing fine again in Australia !

  4. Great read as usual :)
    And I just love that Superglue illustration!

  5. Another fun friday feature to read! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. fabulous work Emma!! lovely to read your day .. thanks to you and Heli both :D

  7. Thanks for making my friday a true friday again!

  8. Wow, this one makes me dreamy! I would so love to go to Australia (and I live so close to Lille)

  9. Love your "fridays" I like benconservato so much, her work is fantastic :D

  10. Wow, how can someone get up that early, I wish I could do the same! Great feature and her work looks wonderful too:)


  11. Yay! I love your work, Emma! So much imagination you have - super! :)
    What a fun day you had!

  12. Thank you for your feature Heli! AND thanks for your nice coments people!