Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday is my day: Toosis

The weather looks good in Istanbul today, I don't want to travel anywhere. So let's meet Pinar from living in Istanbul. She makes silver jewelry using precious stones, sterling silver and gold. I am not a great jewelry person but I have to admit that there is something in her rings that makes my socks turn and rock...

What a difference a day makes 24 hours a day…

Hello, I was honored and exited when Heli asked me to prepare for her Fridays fun at her blog. I am an architect and work in my families’ business. I also design jewelry with silver and gemstones. I feel lucky to live in Istanbul where I can easily find any supply I need directly for the source. Friday’s are like my fun days because I work at my office Monday to Thursday and leave Friday’s for my jewelry designing process….

Today on my way to buy supplies I planned to stop at the exhibit of Miniature Rooms by Henry Kupjack at Rahmi Koç Museum

These rooms are 1/12 scale.

This one is a an old time pub.

when looked closely feels like a real room…

They are exhibiting 21 of these small rooms here… and I enjoyed looking in each and every one.

I couldn’t resist this Pink Cadillac at the museum.

I buy most of my supplies form KapaliBazzar in Sultanahmet / ISTANBUL

I need some turquoise.

And some onyx stones for my new designs. It’s hard to choose lots of different cuts and shapes to look at. Isn’t this fun….

I spent too many time shopping. Just grabbed a sandwich on my way to work.
Here is my office desk. After I check my mails, I usually browse my etsy shop

This is where I design and create… I admit that I tidied before taking the picture :)

These are my last three pieces. I can’t stop making more and more of these huge rings.

Can I wear all of them at the same time? Probably not…

A picture of Galata Kule on my way home…

And another beautiful siluet of Istanbul on my way back…

My boys are back from school and I have made home just on time… Now its play time for us until their bed time…

Lots of Love,
Pinar Sondal

Happy weekend to you all :)


  1. its so warm telling about your day your jewels are gorgeous as much as istanbul

  2. To live in such a beautiful city, so fortunate! Great to read your fun day :-D

  3. Ohhh Istanbul looks fabulous - and those minature rooms!!!!! Fab Friday Toosis!!

  4. Okay, now it's clear, I have to go to Istanbul! :)

  5. Aww, what a lovely day & you and your boys look so cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. what a fab city to live and create in! those supply-shops, omg! Renate, i'm coming with you to Istanbul, with huuuge suitcase :)
    Pinar, you and your boys are sooo beautiful :)

    and thanks, Heli, for another great post!

  7. oh my Istanbul looks so beautiful ! It's lovely to see you here Toosis !

  8. You had a great day, miniatures looked very interesting! Thanks for sharing:)

    I love your "bubble" rings, they are wonderful!


  9. Oh gorgeous and wonderful. I've never been to Turkey but it seems so beautiful. And you and your family are as well!

  10. great life, great person, great city!

  11. wow... breathtaking. i love the miniatures too. Ok girls, pack our bags and ready to take off to Istanbul.

  12. Great post, nice to see the bazar...think I would go on a major shopping spree there!

  13. Oh Pınar, my lovely friend, you and boys look so fab. Your friday is great! I have to go Koç museum soonish!

  14. Pinar,You look sooo lovely with the boys.. lots of love..

  15. Looks like a familour and great day :) You look beautiful with your kids!

  16. Pinar you're works are very beautiful :D I hope next time when I come to Istanbul we all meet again! I already missed Istanbul...

  17. Oohh, I'm impressed, all those beads! WOW.
    The boys are the cutest thing, I loved another Friday is My Day, this feature rocks!


  18. Heli thank you again for inviting me to your wonderful blog... It was great fun.. I'd be more than happy to take a day tour round the supply stores and sight seeings with any of you ladies who'd like to come to istanbul.

  19. wow ...the more i see of istanbul the more im getting crazy about it ....

    wonderful day Pinar!!!!

    i need to know more about those miniature rooms !!!!
    is there a site?

  20. matchstickgirl these Miniature Rooms are designed by Henry Kupjack. I don't know if he has a web site but I know that he has exhibits world wide in Florida Naples Art Museum, Winterthur Museum, Chicago Art Institute, Boston Liberary and Illinois National Museum...
    bests Toosis